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Sales, buying patterns of targeted audiences

Have Fun at Work in the Toy Indusrty

The toy industry is serious business with all the challenges and stresses found in every other industry. The closing of hundreds of stores in 2018 is a perfect example. Fourth quarter sales declined, many people were suddenly unemployed, and businesses needed to change priorities quickly. Instead of producing existing toys and games en masse, E commerce, getting products to customers, and marketing became new focuses. That period was not fun at all.

Product Development

Consider taking an executive position in product development for a toy company. That is more fun than the same position in a personal hygiene company. Think of the testing phase. Kids playing with toys, offering their opinions, and making suggestions must be a great way to spend eight to ten hours. That new product will need packaging which means toy jobs for engineers and designers.


Sales, buying patterns of targeted audiences, and reviewing feedback from kids and parents can be complicated but can also be interesting and amusing. Children have very few filters because they have not yet been taught to lie, be deceitful, or omit things. Ask them a question and you will get a brutally honest answer. No work day will be boring or ordinary.


Many executives hold positions that allow them to travel often to different states and different countries. Project managers, for example, go to where products are manufactured, travel to source materials needed, and work with teams in all branches of the company. One week may be spent in a factory in Indonesia to oversee machinery set-up for a new production. Next month may require a trip to London to ensure that commercial shot goes off without a hitch. CEOs will need to travel to meetings that cannot be facilitated via video conferencing.

What Is Entailed?

Candidates interested in creating, traveling, working from home, or are willing to re-locate can discuss options with a top toy recruiter. Experience selecting candidates provide industry insights into what happens in what positions in which companies. Make an appointment and explore how to have fun at work. The possibilities will surprise you and current skills and qualifications make translate well into the industry.