Spirit Bear

How The Bear Is Special

The Spirit Bear is a very rare animal. This type of bear is special because of it's fur color. It's fur helps it blend into the waves crashing on water falls so they can get the fish easier, because if they were a black bear they would be seen by the fish and the fish would hide.

Background on the Spirit Bear

These bears only live in the North American Continent, specifically in British Columbia. They can be born black from a white mother or vice-versa. They live in forests. These animals are better off with a white color because when they try to get food their white fur would blend in with the water so the fish won't see them. One in every 10 bears are born as a white bear. To be a white bear they must have a recessive gene. A baby bear weighs about 1/2 pound at birth and can weigh up to 300 pounds fully grown.