Bim Services Dubai

Using BIM Services Means Top Class Construction Projects

Very often the design of a large construction project starts with a simple drawing, but the whole design of a construction project can be complex and multifaceted. With a large number of facilities to incorporate into a building, as well as utilising differing construction techniques and materials, the design can be complex. For large projects, especially those which will be used by the public and managed long term, utilising BIM services alongside the specialist skills of a designer will have a number of key benefits to your project, not least of which are greater cost effectiveness and a more streamlined construction timeline.

Ø To avoid alterations at later stage, it is better to examine all the options right from the start. It is better to work through all the options before construction begins, with the help of bim services Dubai they will allow you to examine a range of options to get the best from your construction project. With the help of a BIM Manager, once your design is finalised, the project can begin and they will keep record of every phase of construction, manage your financial assets according to the needs of the construction and work to ensure the project runs on schedule.

Ø In the UAE, throughout the year you will see ongoing construction. All construction works these days are based on CAD designs. Since the introduction of BIM services, every construction project wants take advantage of this new way of working, and to realise the benefits of doing so. Utilising BIM projects are better able to monitor their costs and a BIM Manager will work to reduce these costs by carefully managing constriction time, materials costs and management as well as managing contractors more efficiently. As far as BIM Compliance is concerned, this issue is now priority during all the planning sessions. Scale models of the project are considered important because the user can get the exact shape of planned erection in smaller form.

Using CAD design and BIM services for your construction project means that you are able to create a thoughtfully designed building, one which makes the best of the space available, uses modern building techniques and materials, a building which has been designed to be managed in the long-term, and one which is fit for purpose now and long into the future.