Ice storm in Toronto.

Dec 22nd 2013

Toronto after storm.

This winter seems not good for Canada. There was a very heavy ice storm and before couple of weeks, there was another snow storm hit Toronto. Ice storm that coated Toronto in a thick layer of ice over the weekend saw major power outages. 500,000 people lived without electricity for 4 to 5 days and about 300,000 people lost their homes. Every roads were full with the coated ice and trees were fallen down everywhere. Because of the power cut ,also affected on airlines and businesses. Many flights had to cancelled and many businesses were closed. Almost, the whole Toronto was closed.

Government put the workers on

During the storm, there were damaged in many areas and the workers were not enough. so that our government called the workers from Montreal and Alberta to help to move the trees, remove the black ice from the roads , and repair electricity problem. And the second good things about the government after the storm was; they gave many gift cards and food packs who suffered from the storm.
Toronto Ice Storm Aftermath - Dec 22 2013 (GoPro 2013)
  1. what will happen if something come like this in future?
  2. How much lost of the Canadian business?
  3. What happened to the birds and animals during the storm?