Mrs. Zavernik's Class Newsletter

October 25, 2013

Our Class Goal: Attentive Listening

Thank you for another exciting week of learning! Your students have been working very hard on their "attentive listening" skills. This can be easily practiced at home as well! We know it's important to make other's feel respected while they're talking, and need to show that we care about what they're saying.

A Few Important Reminders

  • iPad Re-image is next Monday! (Stay tuned for updated expectation changes re:personal app downloads)
  • No school Thursday/Friday
  • Ice Cream Social Oct. 30th (PTO Sponsored)
  • Conferences Tuesday p.m. and Thursday a.m.
  • Math Test next Wednesday

Here's What Your Little Pumpkin's Have Been Busy Doing....

Math: Test next Wednesday on multiplication processes and word problems

ELA: We learned about narrative poetry and read "Danitra Brown Leaves Town" Your student took a comprehension quiz in schoology re: the poem. You can check their score in schoology, just have him/her show you how!

Words Their Way: (Spelling) Your student gets 2 copies of their sort each week, one to take home and one for school. Each night your student should be repeating the sort that we did at school, at home as part of their homework. The idea here is that they are learning how words work pattern wise, not just memorizing a list of words each week. Please ask your student to see their home sort each Monday!

Writing: We're working on paragraph/sentence structure and writing a piece from start to finish in a timely fashion. We are talking about the importance of staying focused while writing and including vivid detail. This weekend your student is writing about the thing they are scared of the most!

Reading: Your student should be reading his/her good fit book both at home and at school from cover to cover. It's important that your student be reading at home every night. You can hold them accountable by asking them to summarize what they read ask them " who, did what, and why" from their reading! Next week we're starting to dive into some book clubs!

**Strategies your child should be doing automatically are: stopping to check for understanding/tuning in to interesting words/flipping the sound/chunking to pronounce words**

Science: We're learning about our nervous system and how our brain interacts with our senses to keep us safe! So far we've learned about our senses of smell and sight!

Thank you...

Thank you for playing such an important role in your students education! A few tips to help you stay "in the loop" with the things in our classroom are to

1) Check your student's planner EVERY day (Click Here)

2) Have your student show you his/her Schoology account and look at the homework grades from quizzes etc. that we've done (Mostly in Language and S.S.)

3) Stay current on what book your child is reading and encourage him/her to talk to you about what's happening in it!

Mrs. Zavernik

4th Grade Teacher

Forest Glen Elementary