October 22-25


Good morning!

Just a reminder that report cards go home on Friday. Please look over your grades, and see that they are accurate. Also, please provide comments on grades that are D's or F's. Grades are to be submitted by Tuesday. The first set of conferences are on Thursday. As a team, you may want to call parents you would like to see to try and get them to come in, since we know how unlikely it is that they will ask for a conference.

For the Professional Development this week, I posted a note from the Red Ribbon Committee for directions for the week. I also left the information on the Bullying lesson in case your team hasn't had a chance to do a lesson yet. I would like for all students to wear orange on Wednesday so it would be nice there was lesson beforehand.

Have a great day and week.

Aim High and Dream Big!!


What's Going This Week

This week is Social Studies Supervision.


Tuesday- Red Ribbon Week Begins- Pull Grades

Wednesday- EH- Focus Teams - Wear Orange for Unity Day- Submit Students of the Month

Thursday- Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday- SPIRIT DAY- Report Cards go home

Professional Development of the Week- Red Ribbon Week

Note from the Red Ribbon Committee.

Hello Fabulous Middle School Staff,

Next week (Tuesday) is the kickoff for Red Ribbon Week. I've attached the agenda here:

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sBvE8JT_xoFe9wM3YMyGxb4YEJiy4HK8PLCzLZJbvwg/edit?usp=sharing. On Monday, make sure to pass out the agenda to the students. You will receive an email with a link of a video to show students. After showing the video, have the students go to Schoology and complete the pledge. Once students have completed the pledge, give students their red ribbon which has a number on it. Tell students that each morning during announcements of red ribbon week a number will be drawn. The student(s) with the matching number will go to the office to claim their prize. Please remind students to hold onto their ribbon so they can show it to the office if their number is drawn. I​t would be nice if they wore their ribbon everyday. If at all possible, please have the students create a poster (8.5 x 11 is big enough) for the poster contest. The poster must have a drug-free message. This can be done during advisory time or flex time.​ Please announce there will be an essay contest (10-22 to 10-29). The essay should be about the importance of being drug free. When students turn them in, you can send the essay to the office so it can be read and judged. Prizes will be given to students who participant in the essay contest. The winners will be announced on 10-31. On Wednesday, please pass out the red Cardinal wristbands. Tell them it represents FMS is united against bullying and drugs.

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