Broiling with a pan


definition- A method of cooking in which food is cooked in a pan on the stove with no fat or water added.

One type of meat that is good for pan-broiling is pan broiled steak.

Recipe for pan broiled steak


Your favorite cut of steak or pork chops, unseasoned and patted dry, cut as thick as you can afford

Using a cast iron skillet, sprinkle a very fine coating of salt over the whole bottom of the skillet. Place over high heat and get it plenty hot. (Test by putting a drop of water in, should evaporate almost immediately). Place meat in pan. When the fat begins to expel into the salt, smoke will pour from the pan. Don't worry. Cook the meat 5 minutes to the side, turning only once.

Delicious. Golden reddish brown outside, perfect medium rare on the inside (beef). Cook slightly longer for pork chops.

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