Texas Road-Trip Guidelines

Jenna Kim -7th period.

First Day- Houston

Culture of Houston.

Houston is the most population in Texas and the fourth most population in the USA. In Houston, people spoken 90 languages in their area. Houston's theater is the second ranked in the country. 12,948 seats for live performances and 1,480 seats for movie.Houston is one of only five cities in the United States with Company of performing arts disciplines such as opera (Houston Grand opera), ballet (Houston ballet),music (Houston Symphony Orchestra), and theatre(Alley Theatre). Houston's theaters are huge.

In Houston, there is a baseball team,football team,basketball team, and soccer team.

If you want to be a sports player, than you can go to sports collage. If you go to Houston, you can go NASA. NASA is you can know about space. You need go to park.There is a many parks in Houston such as Hermann park. Hermann park is one of Houston's public park.

Hermann park is Houston zoo, Hosuton Museum of natural science, and the memorial park. That is a culture of Houston.

Nature in Houston.

Raccoons,Bats,Bobcats,Snakes & Reptiles,Deer,Opossums,Armadillos, and Rats & MiceHawks & Owls are the wild animals in Houston. Raccoon is mammal animal and native is North America. They most live in mountain. Bobcat is also mammal animals and native is North America. Armadillos are New World placental mammals with a hard and thick shell.

Native is to America. Next natural resources are plants. First, purple coneflower is one of native natural resources in Houston. It is 2-5feet long.It blooms spring through summer.

The flower such as with soft lavender petals attached to an iridescent cone. Second one is 'Inland sea oats'. It is native to America. It grow 2-4feet tall. Beside this plants, many plants and animals live in Houston.

History of Houston

The name of Houston is from 'Sam Houston'.Sam Houston was American a solider. He was important person in Texas. When the Texas fight with Mexico, He was president in Texas. Before the native in Houston, 'Karankawa' people live in Houston. In 1837, Houston became Capital city in republic of Texas. First mayor was James S. Holman. In 1870 and for 1890 for between cotton production increased while, began to export cotton to Houston harbor. In 1914, the canal was held. By 1930, Houston had become Texas' most populous city and Harris the most populous county. In 1940, 384,514 people live in Houston. In 1950, the availalty of air conditioning provided impetus for many companies to relocate to Houston resulting in an economy. In 1960, 938,216 people live in Houston. Lee P. Brown was the city's first African American mayor. In August 2005, Houston became a suttle to more than 150000 people from New Orleans who evacuated from hurricane Katrina.

That is a history of Houston

My feeling

I think Houston is really good and big city. There is a many kind of wild animals and plants.

Many sports teams are in Houston. If you go to a Houston , than you can get good memories in Houston.

Second day- Galveston

Culture of Galveston

Galveston is in Texas. Galveston island in United States. Nickname is 'The Oleander city'.

Galveston's art and art museum are famous, so many people visit in Galveston. On the street, there is a many art galleries. The Grand Opera House is in Galveston. The Grand Opera house is a important thing for Texas people because The Grand is one of the few theater in Texas. They open at Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, they doing performances.

Many people like to visit The Opera House. That is a theater in Galveston. Next is Gallery in Galveston. Affaire D'Art is one of Gallery in Galveston. Affaire D'Art is international gallery and they introduce about international artists. They show about painting, drawing, photography, 2D mixed media and sculpture. Galveston is a island, so people eating a seafood.

Nature of Galveston

There is a beautiful park in Galveston. First is Dellanera RV park. Dellanera RV park is good park in Galveston. We can go to that park for picnic and eating barbecue. We can creating a campsites. The beach at Dellanera includes umbrella and chair rentals, a children's playground, picnic sites, and a pavilion with showers, laundry facilities, gift shop and a recreation room. Also, they share internet free. Another park is Galveston Island State Park.

In that park, you can do swimming, camping, hiking, and bird watching, so family can enjoy.

History of Galveston

The southern coast of the United States, Texas Galveston nickname was city of sin. The city was the original Mexican land. It was made to honor the nobility go Pervez Count (Bernardo de Galvez y Madrid, Viscount of Galveston and Count of Galvez) of the country is Spanish explorers. A year later they pronounce Galveston, So the name changed 'Galveston'. Mexico in 1825 to build a port in the elongated island of Galveston is now being used as the base of the Mexican Navy. After that, (at the time of independence from Spain) is an independent Republic of Texas from Mexico back to the naval base used here.

Galveston is a historic place of the Civil War. At the that time, there were immigrants. They had to harbor development. Many people were working. they to target them in the 19th century and built a lot of buildings. In 1900s, a big hurricane was came to Galveston, so all cities are almost gone. Then so many people was died.

That is a history of Galveston

Third day - Fort worth

Culture of Fort Worth

Fort worth is the 17th-largest city in the United States of America and the fifth-largest city in the state of Texas. Fort Worth's population is 777,992. Cowboy is famous in Fort Worth. We can see the cowboy's boots and hat. There is a museum and gllery. Modern Art museum of Fort Worth is one of art museum in Fort Worth. Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra is a music in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth Museums and Galleries

Nature in Fort Worth

Green Valley Community Park is a beautifully designed park with a lake and wetland, and we can play softball, tennis, rollerblading, paved trail, fishing, enjoying a family or company picnic under the pavilion, fishing in the lake or listening to outdoor concerts held in the spring. Another park is South Lakes park. South Lakes Park features a large wooden playground called “Eureka,” built by community volunteers. We can play hike and bike trails, playground equipment, tennis courts, picnic pavilions, a lake and fishing pier.
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History of Fort Worth

In Fort Worth, there is a airport. That city being different, you include Arlington stuck in the middle comes almost as three cities, a city I think, but differ in Dallas and Fort Worth. Consists of the west in the middle of the Dallas-Fort Worth and Arlington on the east, north of Dallas, a large and beautiful Arlington-Fort Worth International Airport is located.

●Mexico-American war

- In January 1849, Mexico and America fought for the land. After all, the United States got a land.

● Delvelopment of the town.

- After a long fight, Fort Worth gained the title in 1860 and construction began on a stone county courthouse. -

-After a delay due to the Civil War, the courthouse was completed in the 1870s.

-Fort Worth was a slave during the war. And gradually became poor because of the war.

-The recovery in the 1870s. And back again like before because creating the company.

-Education was also in a few church.

● The First World War

- The First World War or the Great War, was a global war centred in Europe that began on 28 July 1914 and lasted until 11 November 1918.

● The World War II

- The Second World War, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945.

Fourth Day - Killeen

Culture of Killeen

Many activities are in Killeen. (It is the outdoor activities and this activities are open at 10:00a.m. to 3:00p.m.) The place opening celebration for the Killeen Arts & Activities Center.

• Children’s arts and crafts

• Face painting

• Kid Print

• Balloon twisting

• Playgrounds and bouncies

• Illustrated portraits

• DJ playing music

• Food vendors

Vive Les Arts Theatre is theater of Killeen. They organization which produces several Main Stage and Children's Theatre shows each year.

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Nature of Killeen

Many nature place are in Killeen. The Andy K.Well park is one of the nature place in Killeen.

In the park, we can hike and bike in there. That is the first ever of its kind within the City of Killeen. Stillhouse Park is the another nature park in Killeen. We can doing activities such as picnicking, swimming, basketball and fishing, the park is popular for family gatherings and other large group events

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history of Killeen

Downtown Killeen is a historical place in Killeen. The area has been recognized for its historical and tectonics importance to the city and country. The district is roughly bounded by Santa Fe Plaza. . It is almost completely commercial in nature and features buildings built between 1895 and 1960. Several churches also contribute to the area's historic significance. The National Register of Historic Places is the nation's official list of cultural resources deemed value of conservation and includes more than 3,000 listings in Texas.

Government is protecting historic objects from funded projects, technical expertise and grant funds for restoration and preservation and federal tax benefits for rehabilitation of certain properties.

The Train Arrives

Fifth day- Midland

Culture of Midland

Midland has many culture. McCormick Art Gallery is a culture place in Midland.

This place is on the campus of Midland College in the Allison Fine Arts Building .The McCormick Art Gallery offers a full calendar of exhibits, including the Studio 3600 Series, held in both the spring and fall, featuring the works of two talented students in a solo setting. Midland Community theater is a another culture place in Midland.

It was built in 1940 by Art Cole as a nonprofit theater and education program. Theater lovers can get membership subscriptions for a full season of eight productions, including musicals, comedies, dramas, and mysteries, and the community are welcome to audition for roles in productions or to volunteer.

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Nature in Midland

Midland boasts 31 neighborhood parks. Many nature park are in Midland. Beal park is the park in Midland. It is for family because we can play baseball,basketball,fishing, Grill, Cricket Field, Picnics area, soccer, play ground, and ranch building. There is a restroom, too. Cowden park is has golf course, picnic table, soccer, and play ground.
The Midland Minute A Taste Of Beal Park

History of Midland

The Herbert D. Doan Midland County History Center is the historical place in Midland. It is a gallery of interactive exhibits of Midland County history. It is from begging today a gallery of featured exhibitions research library for local and general history and an archival collection of Midland County artifacts.The Herbert H. Dow Historical Museum is a another historical place in Midland.The Herbert H. Dow Historical Museum has multi-media exhibits that provide a fascinating look at the birth of Midland’s largest business and the evolution of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Bradley home is a historical place in Midland.

This is where you can see the early family life we Midlands.

sixth day- San Angelo

culture of San Angelo

In San Angelo, there is a Art museum. It is a 'San Angelo museum of Fine Arts'. It opened 1999 in downtown San Angelo. The museum features a growing permanent collection and is home to traveling exhibitions. Downtown San Angelo is home to various art galleries.

These include the Kendall Art Gallery, Ruiz Studio, Black Swan Gallery, The Glass Prism, Bonnie Beesley Rug Gallery, and the Wool 'n Cotton Shop, as well as other public art venues.

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Nature of San Angelo

The Parks Division make parks system dating back to 1903, provides for the maintenance and care of.

•More than six miles of trails.
•More than 10 miles of river frontage.
•More than 375 acres of developed park and open space.
•A 33-acre municipal golf course.
•An international water lily collection.
•10 botanical and garden areas.
•25 playgrounds, including Unidad and Kids’ Kingdom.
•25 sports practice fields.
•27 picnic areas with more than 200 picnic tables.

That is the rule of the park, So many people can live in San Angelo easier than before.

San Angelo Parks

History of San Angelo

In San Angelo has historical places. Downtown is a historical place in San Angelo.

The incentives are part of an overall strategy to leverage investment, lower the cost of doing business and level the playing field for businesses and property owners choosing to invest in downtown properties.

history of San Angelo

- San Angelo was the center of the Jumano people.

-It was established to provide services to the local Indians in 1632.

- He was visited by the Castillo-Martin expedition of 1650 and the Diego de Guadalajara expedition of 1654.

-In 1876, San Angel built by United States.

- They changed the name, but they changed again in 1883.

-In 1995, San Angelo became city of Texas.

Downtown San Angelo

Seventh day- El Paso

Culture of El Paso

El paso has many festival. Amigo Airsho is one of El Paso's premier events, and is ranked as one of The El Paso Symphony was established in the 1930s, it is the oldest performing arts organization in El Paso and the longest continuously running symphony orchestra in the state of Texas.It has received both national and international recognition as a result of its very successful tours of Germany in 1996 and Turkey in 2000, and continues to represent the El Paso region with pride and distinction. he top ten air shows in the country. The museum features a growing permanent collection and is home to traveling exhibitions.

Acts include the Franklin’s Flying Circus, where performers walk on the wings of an airborne plane.

El Paso, Texas

Nature of El Paso

Many nature place are in El Paso. Memorial park is the one of them. This park is a El Paso surrounded by charming and gorgeous homes, Memorial Park boasts large shade trees and rolling hills, a large playground, swimming pool, and is located across the street from The El Paso Rose Garden. Madeline park is a every one can enjoy the park.
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History of El Paso

El Paso ahs museum. El paso museum of history is the museum in El Paso. The El Paso Museum of History is host to more than 16,000 sq. ft. of exhibition space featuring five galleries representing 400 years of U.S./Mexico border history. Two first floor galleries have featured traveling exhibitions highlighting the brilliant mind of Leonardo da Vinci as well as early Spanish exploration prior to the arrival of the Mayflower; borderland racing history, the history of medicine and much more. Second floor galleries include the Wall of Giants; an exhibition space dedicated to individuals and businesses that have impacted life in El Paso. The Changing Pass gallery explores centuries of cultural history. Las Villitas: Neighborhoods & Shared Memories, the museum’s newest permanent gallery, features artifacts from El Paso’s earliest neighborhoods.

Eighth day - Fort Davis

culture of Fort Davis

Stone Village Market is the restaurant in Fort Davis. It has sandwich and there is a healthy food. Some place has BBQ stores. Authentic Texas oak-smoked brisket, pulled pork & sausage. Homemade side dishes and desserts. Fresh from scratch rubs and sauces. Order by the plate or by the pound. Take it with you or stay to enjoy the atmosphere in our outdoor pavilion or colorful dining room.
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Nature of Fort Davis

In Fort Davis there is a Davis Mountains State Park. Davis Mountains State Park interpretive center overlooks the wildlife watering station; scrub jays, white-wing doves, curve-billed thrashers, and rock squirrels are among the most common wildlife seen. Another nature places are Balmorhea State Park, Big Bend Ranch State Park and Monahans Sandhills State Park; Magoffin Home State Historic Site, Hueco Tanks State Historic Site and Fort Leaton State Historic Site.

history of Fort Davis

A key post in the protection system of western Texas, Fort Davis played a major role in the history of the Southwest. From 1854 until 1891,army stationed at the post protected immigrants, freighters, mail coaches, and travelers on the San Antonio

El Paso Road hoping to reach the goldfields of California. Today, Fort Davis is signify one of the best remaining examples of a border military post in the American Southwest.

With the outbreak of the Civil War and Texas's secession from the Union, the federal government evacuated Fort Davis. The fort was occupied by union army from the spring of 1861 until the summer of 1862, when Union forces again took possession.

The last major military campaign involving army from Fort Davis occurred in 1880.

In June 1891, as a result of the army's efforts to consolidate its frontier garrisons, Fort Davis was ordered abandoned. Seventy years later, in 1961, the fort was checked as a national historic site, a unit of the National Park Service.

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