By Morgan Bailey


In Ireland the coldest temp is 42 degrees Fahrenheit, and the warmest is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. In the central plain there are many glacial ridges left from the glaciers, many peat bogs were also left by the glaciers (bogs-small ponds peat-decayed plant matter). The tallest peaks receive 100 in of rain fall and drier arias around Dublin (country in Ireland) receive 30 in, snow is mostly only in the mountains.

Plants and Animals

Most plants in Ireland are grassy moss and lichens, there are very few trees are in Ireland (most were cut down to build houses and fences). Some of the animals native to Ireland are the Irish stoat, Irish hare and deer, birds, mostly water fowl, only one species of lizard live there with no snakes.

People and Culture

Most people in Ireland descended from the Celts. In Ireland people learn English at a young age (even legal documents are printed in English!). The dominant religion in Ireland is Christianity, though Ireland has free religion. Many people left Ireland because of the potato famine, this immigration hurt the county.

Sports and Recreation

Some people think that sports are only in the U.S. but think again some of the sports in Ireland are, football (soccer), rugby, hurling, field hockey, horse racing, and Gaelic football (a mixture of football, rugby, and hurling).


As I have told you most people descended from the Celts. They immigrated to America in the 1800's.Lastly by the 5th century Christianity was the mane religion.

Important People of the English Rule

The people I am about to list helped and did not help the English Rule. Elizibeth, Oliver Cromwell, Henry Flood,and William the third.

The Arts

People in Ireland do many things for fun some of the things they do are painting, sewing, cooking, and literature. One of the things they do on a special occasion they dance and sing folk songs.

Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts about Ireland. Did you know that the British controlled for 750 years, also many people left or immigrated to America do to poor potato harvests, most of the forests were cut down to build houses and fences.


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