Tulum, Mexico

By Cristian Pena


1. Tulum translated means "Walled City".

2. Archaeologists call Tulum "Zama" which means "The City of Dawn" because Tulum was faced towards the morning sunlight

3. In the 1500s, Tulum was abandoned because of a disease that spread by the Spanish Conquers

4. The estimated population in Tulum is 1,600

5. Tulum ruins are perched on 12 meter high cliffs

6. Tulum is a rare city since it's one of the few walled citys that the Mayans made

7. People started to live there in the 6th century

8. Tulum is the 3rd most visited site in Mexico and the most visited spot in Quintana Roo

9. The Tulum ruins are the most important Mayan structure in the state of Quintana Roo

10. Spanish explorer Juan de Grijalva is believed to be the first European to discover Tulum

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For you to go to Tulum on a plane, it would take 2h 15m. The distance from Houston from Tulum is 1,745 miles. I would like take my step brother Seth, my brothers, Eddie, and my godbrother Jeff. For transportation I would go on a plane. I will stay at Tulum for a week


I would stay at this hotel called Palms Tulum Luxury hotel. The Palms Luxury hotel is a 5 star hotel, it has 5 stars for cleanliness, rooms and service, it has a 5 1/2 for sleep quality, 4 stars for location and 5 1/2 stars for value


My trip will cost $422 to go on the plane + the hotel. My stay at the hotel will cost $130. My spending money will be $276. Food will cost $30. The plane will tickets will cost $392