Tips on changing careers

Wanting to change career?

Step 1: Research and find a new job, where do you want to go to? what do you want to do differently?eliminate what you don't like to what you want or need

Step 2: Research the new careers you have in mind

Where are you wanting to work? what environment? Think about what you're really wanting to do and what you have in your mind then sum it all down to what you're planning your future for

Step 3: Transferable Skills.

Transfer the skills that your wanting to do as you eliminate the skills.

Step 4: Training and Education.

Is there extra training to do? and do you qualify for the skills that need to be mastered.

Step 5: Networking.

The network that your around is it what you need or what you're wanting

Step 6: Gaining Experience.

find out if you need to learn anything and if you do then you need to learn they may call it orientation.

Step 7: Find a Mentor.

find someone that you can sort of look up too, and talk to about the job and the decisions that you're making.

Step 8: Decide what you're going to do

what is the plan, make sure its what you really want to do and what decision you really want to make