Verona News

Romeo & Juliet

Act I

Early morning in the streets of Verona, yet another brawl broke out between the feuding Capulet and Montague family. It was all started when the servants of both families ran into each other, one bit their thumb, and the fight began. It was stopped abruptly when our noble prince arrived, and declared that if anymore quarrels between the two families broke, their heads would be off. On this same day, Capulet arranged a marriage for his young daughter Juliet, Juliet was told of the marriage, and Capulet held a party at the family's household. Here is where Romeo and Juliet's star crossed love began, and where Tybalt threatened to fight Romeo. Once Capulet's party ended, Romeo and Juliet looked for one another. While this occurred, dear Benvolio and Mercutio looked for the love-struck Romeo who was no where in sight.

Act II

In the late night of Sunday leading into Monday, Romeo and Juliet meet at Juliet's balcony. Here, the two speak of their feelings toward each other and suddenly decide to get married. Juliet prepares and Romeo runs off to ask for Friar Lawrence's help. Meanwhile, Benvolio and Mercutio continue their hunt for Romeo, since Tybalt has challenged Romeo to a duel. Around this time, Juliet's caretaker, Nurse, meets Romeo and warns that he does not play with Juliet's emotions, since another man named Paris wants to marry her. Romeo then tells the Nurse to warn Juliet that a man will arrive with a ladder for Romeo to use to sneak into her room. While Juliet waits impatiently, the Nurse finally arrives and tells her of the news. Juliet escapes and marries Romeo at Friar Lawrence's cell.


Monday afternoon, Mercutio and Benvolio were walking when they suddenly encountered Tybalt. Romeo showed up at the same time, when Tybalt began to tell Romeo to pull out his sword. Romeo nicely declined and walked away, causing Tybalt and Mercutio to fight, which resulted in the death of Mercutio. Romeo returns to the scene of Mercutio dead, giving him the sudden desire for revenge. Romeo becomes so outraged, he kills Tybalt. The Prince orders for Romeo to be banished. Later, Capulet sets up the date for Juliet's marriage with Paris, Romeo leaves to Mantua after a night with Juliet and Juliet is told that she must marry Paris or she will be left on the streets.

Act IV

After crying for Romeo's banishment, Juliet becomes miserable. Friar Lawrence then presents a plan that involves Juliet taking a potion to fake her death. Juliet has sudden doubts of the potion and imagines some possible, but bad, scenarios. She takes the potion regardless, for her dear love Romeo. Before she actually takes the potion, Juliet pretends to agree to the marriage. The next morning, the Capulets find Juliet's "dead" body. They prepare for the funeral.

Act V

Meanwhile Juliet fakes her death, back in Mantua, Romeo learns the false information that Juliet has died. He then buys the poison from the Apothecary. Back in Verona, Friar Lawrence learns that Romeo never received the message. While F.L. prepares another letter, Romeo is caught by Paris digging up Juliet's grave. Romeo asks for peace, but Paris pushes him, causing Romeo to kill another man. Romeo finishes up digging the grave, putting in Paris and himself. In the grave, Romeo finds Juliet's sleeping body, believing that she is dead. He then proceeds to kill himself with poison, and collapses. Juliet awakes to the blood of Paris and the body of Romeo. She grabs the nearby knife and stabs herself, while F.L. tries to get her out. The Watchmen arrive, and find the bodies. They begin an investigation with all involved (except the bodies, of course), and figure out what has happened. It is here when the Prince, families, and others arrive. The news spreads through the streets and it is found out that Lady Montague died from sadness. The Prince rebukes Capulet and Montague, who end their feud.