Crow Agency Public School

May 31st - June 3rd, 2016

"Achieving Our Dreams through Education"

The Last Week of School

The last week of school! Wow! We made it. We have had some ups and some downs this year, but in all things there is always an opportunity to learn and grow. This year went by kind of fast for me and everyday had something unexpected in store, sometimes good and sometimes not so good, sometimes thoroughly difficult and at other times enjoyable. But overall it was a good journey with everyone this year and I feel we did our best for our students.

5. "Teachers have to take control of the narrative around teaching. If we don't shape the message, others will" (Teacher, South Carolina).
4. "I have teacher eyes. I see lessons everywhere. Physics on the freeway. Art in the clouds. And hope in my students' eyes" (Teacher, Washington).
3. "The end of the school year can test a healthy culture. It takes everyone to protect it, to honor it, to keep kids at the heart of it" (Teacher, Arkansas).
2. "If your students' experience in school is the same as your experience in school decades ago, that is a problem. The world is different now than it was then. And you didn't like being taught that way anyway" (Teacher, Massachusetts).

1. "There is constructive conversation at work and un-constructive conversation at work, we must choose which we will be a part of." (Teacher, Montana)

Report Cards Due

June 1st

(For Attendance Awards we count up until this date.)

Library Books

Help your students turn their library books in. This is a must.

This week at a glance

Mon. May 30th

No School - Memorial Day

Tue. May 31st

2:00 pm - Field Day Test Run, Para's meet in the gym.

After School in the Library we will share a small meal with our retirees.

Wed. June 1st

Field Day (see Below)

Staff Luncheon in the Library. A "thank you" to those moving on after this year.

Thur. June 2nd

Fri. June 3rd

Field Day Assignments

Discus Throwing: Cindy & Brenda

Shot Put: Rhett & Edward

Hurdles: Carrie & Diane

Potato Sack: Melanie & Geri

Long Jump: Randine & Lisa

Tug of War: April & India

50 Meter Dash: Levi & Eva

Relay Races: Cara & Lindsay

Javelin Throw: Jennifer & Nicolette

-Classes will rotate between stations with 8 minutes at each station.

-On Tuesday May 31st we will do a test run between the stations at 2:00 pm.

*Leave will not be granted on this day. We need everyone's to help make this day work.

Turn Your Phone Into a Research Lab

  • Google's new Science Journal app lets users measure the world around us. How much light is in my room compared to outside? How loud is the dog’s bark compared to my cough? (See the image at left.)

Next Fall October 20-21, 2016

Next Fall we are tentatively planning to have In District training for our New Science Series, Fusion. We will have used it for enough time to gather some much needed questions to make training relevant. MEA-MFT will be held in Helena, click here for more information. The Reading Council will also be held in will be held at Billings West High School in Billings MT. Click Here for more information.

The Magic Circle of the Gameified Classroom

Industrial-age instructional strategies leave many Information-age students in the dust.

Join this webinar to see what a gameified classroom is all about.
Big image

Interesting Piece of History

Apsaalooke used to utilize bows such as this one, made from the unrolled horns of a Big Horn Sheep and smoothed out. The horns were often taken to certain hot pools of water at what is now Yellowstone Park in order to soften and unroll them.
Tom Lucas Horn Bow.mpg

She couldn't find characters who looked like her students, so she created them

Muslim Students Featured in Principal's New Book

Crow Agency Public School

Crow Agency Public School is located in the heart of Crow Country and serves grades Pre-K to 5th.