By Kaleb

Executive Branch


You must be...

35 yrs old

a U.S. citizen for 14 consecutive years

Born in the U.S.


Presidents Benefits/Role

400,000/ yr. salary

50,000/ yr. expense account

Full travel

Secret Service for you and family

Secret Service Protection for life after term

195,000/ yr. pension

Legislative Branch

House of Representatives

You must be...

25 yrs old

a U.S. citizen for 7 yrs

a citizen of the state you represent


435 available seats


You Must Be...

30 yrs old

A U.S. citizen for 9 yrs

a citizen of the state you represent


Judicial Branch

Supreme Court

Qualifications- None- No term limit for life

President nominates you...

3/4 of Senate confirms you...

Supreme Court made up of 1 Chief Justice

and 8 associate judges...

Main Job- Decide if laws are unconstitutional- Declare Presidential actions unconstitutional

Review lower court decisions- Less then 100 cases a year

*Court System

-District Court

-Court of Appeals

-Supreme Court

Could take up to 20 yrs

Electoral College

Each state has "electors" to vote for President

# of "electors" = # of votes in congress

States popular vote winner is usually who electors vote for

Candidates need 270 votes to win President

Parts of Constitution

Part 1: Preamble

Part 2: Articles

Part 3: Ammendments

Goals of Constitution

1. To form a perfect Union

2. To establish justice

3. To insure domestic tranquility

4. to provide for the common defense

5. to promote the general welfare

6. to secure the blessings of liberty

Principles of the Constitution

1. Popular sovereignty

2. Limited government

3. Separation of powers

4. Checks and balances

5. Federalism

6. Republicanism

7. Individual rights

Amending the Constitution


1. Freedoms of speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition

2. Right to bear arms

3. Lodging troops in private homes

4. Search and Seizure

5. Rights of the Accused

6. Right to speedy trial by Jury

7. Jury trial in civil classes

8. Bail and Punishment

13. Abolition of Slavery

14. Rights of Citizens

15. Voting Rights

16. The income tax

18. Prohibition of Alcoholic beverages

19. Women's Suffrage

21. Repeal of Prohibition

22. Limit on number of presidents terms

24. Abolition of Poll Tax in National Elections

26. Voting Age