Highest sales in All'asta history!

All'stars take the LEAD

Our team has had the highest sales ever this month and it's ONLY the 19th! We have SEVEN more parties on the books still this month! You all are KILLING IT! We ONLY go UP from here! Congratulations on a job well done!

Wow! Have you seen the new catalog?

I know most of you were on the webinar last night. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL? I can't wait to get out there and share it! So bright and colorful and light and airy and well... just... PERFECT!
What is YOUR favorite new item in the catalog? I think mine is, of course, the new throw. SO beautiful!
I will be offering a sneak peek of the new catalog to my previous hostesses on Sunday March 3rd and then a grand unveiling on March 4th. Do any of you have anything planned? Let us know!

Look who earned their feature kit FREE!! Well done ladies!

What's coming?

I know a handful of you are going to Kerry Shea's house for the gathering. I'm SO sad. I want to be there very badly! This will effectively be, our first little conference. Take a lot of pictures. Share everything when you get back. Have a blast! What a FUN time you'll have.
Meanwhile... I'll be in Mexico! I will be checking email and Facebook a little but if you have pressing questions, please call Judy in support or email Judy or Susie. They will get back to you ASAP!

Adios for now! Have FUN at your parties and let's BUILD this TEAM! XOXOXO