Dangers of Nitrites

By Jack Dutile

What are Nitrites?

Nitrites are a drug often sold as a "sexual enhancer" in many countries. It's main forms are as amyl, butyl, and isobutyl Nitrite. They also go by the names of poppers, Locker room, or Rush

The common medicinal use of Nitrites.

Nitrites were formerly used to treat angina, but has since been replaced by Nitroglycerin capsules. Only other known medical use is as a cure for cyanide poisoning since it chemically bonds to cyanide to form a harmless compound. Taking nitrites alongside other vasilodilators such as silenafil (Viagra) is not recommended as the resulting effects often cause black outs or even heart failure.

How drug is used on the body.

All nitrites are administered to the recipient by inhalation, usually in small doses via the nostrils and is kept in an ampule. When Nitrites enter the body they cause the body to relax its smooth muscles, the ones around veins.this increases the blood flow of the recipient. This drug is often correlated with nausea and a headache after the initial high. The effects are short term, only a few minutes depending on dosage.

Drug as abused.

Nitrites tend to be used by people who have erectile dysfunction, as the increased blood flow can solve the issue short term. The drug has no known addictive effects and has no real long term effects. Those "addicted" to nitrites are usually people who have come to depend on it and believe they cannot be without it. Treatment for this usually is by sheer force of will and/or psychological aid. This is usually just a matter of getting help from anyone who can impact the patients worldview (church, health professionals, family). People can build up a tolerance, withdrawal symptoms are nonexistent, but overdosing is possible. A Nitrite overdose tends to cause Fibrillation of the heart, blackouts, heart attacks, or occasionally methemoglobinemia or blue baby syndrome, where Nitrites in the blood prevent the body from absorbing oxygen. Overdosing tends to occur when a user does not follow usual administration, and instead ingests the substance where it can react with materials in the stomach and intestine, forming more dangerous compounds. Recently, users of the drug in the form isobutyl Nitrite have been found to have damage to the eye, some recoverable, others with permanent damage to their vision, however the cause is currently unknown and more research is being conducted.

Laws around nitrites.

Nitrites are widely available and have no real regulation in the US, UK, Canada or majority of continental Europe. This is mainly due to its very low threat factor, it's lack of addictive affects to keep people buying it, it's fairly low sale rate since the creation of Viagra, and it's genuine uses in industry. At the moment Nitrites as taken as a drug are at the bottom of the list of drugs that countries need to handle.

A general rule for drugs:

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