Corye's Bakery


This small family business is very successful and hopefully you will enjoy their baked goods. Corye' s Bakery bakes sweets such as cupcakes and many other delectable treats. Place your order today!!!!


Corye' s Cupcakes are 35 cents a peice. She can make any kind and add any toppings, Additional toppings might be more expensive! Below are just some of the ones of her favorites!!!:)


These delectable cookies come in any flavor you like..... here are some examples


These awesome cakes were made by corye herself


Why pay $1.15 while you could pay as low as 35 cents. My bakery is so much cheaper 1 cookie is 50 cents and a cupcake 35 one cake is $5

Contact Us!!!!

You may reach me at 826-4957 or email me @

Our Motto: You Name it and I Will Try to Bake It!