Lake Louise

Newsletter for August 2021

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Message from the Principal

It is hard to believe that in two weeks, on Wednesday, August 18th, we will welcome all 1st-6th graders back into the building for the first day of school. The first day of school for Kindergarten is Thursday, August 19th.

ALL families must register their children for the 2021-2022 school year through the online registration process. Please click HERE to start this registration process. Families MUST complete the registration process so that their students can start school on the first day of school. Students whose families have not completed the registration process will NOT be assigned a classroom teacher.

Families will have the opportunity to meet the teacher on Tuesday, August 17th at 8:30am (student last names A-M) or 9:00am (student last names O-Z).

Lake Louise has been under construction all summer with the big focus being an update of the heating and cooling system. The District as well as the custodial team have been monitoring the project every step of the way. We are excited to have the project completed in August.

Lastly, Lake Louise has many resources for students and families in need: food, clothing, coats, shoes, school supplies, and much more. If your family needs any of these resources please don't hesitate to reach out to the school 847-963-5600.

If you have any questions about this or any other issue please send an email to the principal She is happy to engage any family in conversations about important issues.

Parent Portal opens August 5th

On August 5th parents will be able to view their child's teacher and room number on the Parent Portal. Parents will not receive anything in the mail regarding their student's teacher. Families need to look at the Parent Portal to find information about their student's teacher.

Meet the Teacher

We are so excited for our annual Meet the Teacher event that will be held on Tuesday, August 17th! Only families that have completed the online registration process will have a teacher assignment for their student.

  • Please check the Parent Portal before arriving for your child's teacher and room number.
  • 8:30am students with last names A-M
  • 9:00am students with last names N-Z
The event ends promptly at 9:30am so please do your best to arrive on time.

School supplies

We invite families to purchase school supplies for their students using the lists provided for each grade level. If a family needs assistance in obtaining school supplies please let the teacher know on the first day of school. At Lake Louise we have many school supplies and are happy to give them to students who need them.

School supply lists

District 15 handbook for families

Please use this link to the District 15 handbook for families and students. It is important that families and students are aware of the items in the handbook.

Registration for 21-22 school year

Online student registration for the 2021-22 school year is open. If you have not already started this process for your student(s), please visit our registration page to start this process.

  1. Register your child. Registration is the first step in getting ready for the upcoming school year. After registering online, parents will need to go in person to your child's school and provide:

  1. Health Forms. Required health, immunization, dental, and eye exams for students entering preschool, kindergarten, sixth-grade, and those who are new to the district.

  2. Prove Residency. If you have a student that is starting Kindergarten, entering 4th grade, or entering 7th grade, you are required to prove residency in District 15. Our residency webpage outlines the documents you will need to provide to prove your residency.

  1. Pay student fees. Our student fee webpage outlines the District’s student fee structure and the three ways fees can be paid.

All of the above steps of the enrollment process must be completed prior to the start of the school year. Students of families that, when required, do not prove residency, will not be able to attend class in a District 15 until the family’s residency is verified.

View the recorded CCSD15 Parent University sponsored: 2021-22 Registration Webinar. For written registration instructions, please view our Campus Parent - An Introduction.

In the event that a family is unable to provide any needed documentation because of a temporary living situation, please contact Julie O'Hara, 847-963-3210,; or Min Goodwin, 847-963-3209,, in the Superintendent's Office.

Think you may be eligible for a student fee waiver? Visit our student fee webpage to learn about the requirements and how to apply.

Think you may be eligible for services under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act? Please contact the Director of Student Services, 847-963-3152.

Classroom assignments and bus routes

Classroom assignments will be sent around the first or second week of August only to families whose students have completed registrations through the online registration process.

Bus route information will be sent a few days before the start of school.

Lake Louise PTA updates for August

The PTA wants to welcome you to the 21-22 school year. The PTA is a group of parents, teachers and other community members who endeavor to do good work on behalf of our children of Lake Louise Elementary School. We are excited to welcome students back in two weeks. We welcome you to join us at our back-to-school PTA meeting Aug 25th. We will be meeting at the picnic tables behind Lake Louise, near the playground. This meeting is for adults only so that we can focus on our plans for supporting our Lake Louise students and staff this school year. We would love to hear your ideas and share our ideas with you about future fundraisers, in school events and other ways to have a fantastic school year.

Picture day is August 26th

Please help support your school by joining the PTA and becoming a member. You can join though the following link.

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Can also email us with any questions or concerns at

Pick up and drop off

Please remember that all students that are being dropped off or picked up by adults at school need to be picked up and dropped off in the south lot (not in front of the school). If you are bringing your child late to school (after 8:45am) please come to Door 1.

Jennifer Seoane Principal (she/her/ella)

Lake Louise Elementary PreK-6th grade