Street Press

By- Chloe Guzman


"I thought someone had just stabbed a horse but I was wrong." said Harry Toom

People from Harwood Jr High school reported that while walking outside to the track field they noticed a strange object lying there. We have answers from multiple students that we would like to share.

Pedestrians walk in the streets of Guatemala. To find something very irregular.

In the town of Antigua, reporters find out people are in costumes walking down the street. Senor pablo said that "many times people wear masks and such, but not like this time." Later, Reporters found out that it is almost time for semana santa. (AKA holy week)

The people in antigua say that it is just the prep-preation. But the question is how to do the people feel about it?

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Th johnson Family thinks 'Fluffy' is dead.

On Thursday, March 19. The johnson family thinks there 12 year poodle is dead but are they correct? The 14 year old of the family thinks so but she doesnt care how he died, she cares that he is dead. "Maybe he is playing dead?" balling May, 14 yr old. That afternoon, they recieve a Voicemail from the vet that says "YOUR DOG IS ALIVE!"

MAYbe she was right!