Grace River

In the Current

Thank You

First and foremost, let me give a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped make our Easter Service a big success. So many of you pulled together to make it happen. Thank you for bringing your friends, family members, and co-workers. You are the "amazing" in Grace River!

We want to encourage you to:

  • Keep praying for our church as a whole
  • Keep praying for others in our church
  • Keep growing in your daily walk
  • Keep walking with those going through recovery

We encourage you to commit to:

  • Stay the course. Don't allow others to pull you outside the boundaries of Christ's character and teachings.
  • Make Sunday mornings a priority. Get-aways and vacations are great, but commit to come to church when you are home and able.
  • Give of your tithes, service, and love.
  • Continue to Pray and read God's Word every day.

Pastor Dave

Make Plans to Attend Our Car Show!

We Encourage Celebrate Recovery
Celebrate Recovery Promo

Recovery Happens

We all have issues we need to work on. Pray for those who are going through recovery and stepping into freedom. If you desire to work through issues let us know. We are here to walk with you. Hope and healing awaits.