Come to the United Kingdom

were you can eat chocolate- By Hunter Cunningham


.For Transportation you will take a high tech plane and you will have free food with drinks as well and flight time will be from Monroe to the United Kingdom the time will be 16-17 hours you will leave at 8:00 AM and you will arrive at 12:00AM which is very late at night so you will be tired.

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some foods you will find in the UK is Blood pudding made of pig blood and pig fat another thing is Haggis made with lamb skin and lamb meat also they have mars bars made with the same things to make a Twix and they have tons of other things and some of the other things there consist of Fish an Chips and a really cool chocolate pudding with whip cream on top of the rich pudding


The currency in the UK is called Pounds in the UK for example in the US a candy bar might be 99 cents in the UK a candy bar will be 2 Pounds so there money is really off from the money we have in the US and most of there money makes things that are cheap really pricey in most of there stores and I mean really pricy for example if some things was 150$ here something like that in the UK is about 200 in currency

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If you are going to be in the UK here are some phrases you need to now Good Day Mate, Top Of The Morning To Yea and there are tons of others you can use and learn to say to be nice some of them are Have a nice day, May I and please these are just a few of the hundreds of phrases that you can use over in a different a area

Attractions you should try

There are tons of attractions in the UK like the area of York it is a beautiful spot to go to and really nice people are around that area. Another attraction to go to is the tower of London a really big tower hovering over a bridge with two look out areas with a very nice open view and is over 21 feet tall so the view will be very cool yet breezy


Well if you are going to the UK there climate is mostly Hot and on some parts it can be really rainy and very dry so when you go to the UK be prepared to wear a sweatshirt and long pants and also a pair of shorts with a summer shirt and don't wear long pants and black shirt when it is hot you will be sweating by the time you step outside

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