e-Learning @Rossett

Edition 12

App of the Fortnight: RD Client

RD Client allows you free remote desktop access through your ipad. To set it up once you've downloaded the app, touch 'New Remote Desktop,' select 'Connection Name' and type in ross-acad, PC name is remote.rossettschool.co.uk, username and password is your normal school login. Save each one. Once this is set up, you can select the remote desktop in your user name and press connect once. You are now connected!

In the top bar, it says ross-acad and shows a small keyboard, touch ross-acad and then the small squiggle in the left hand corner. This allows you to use it as touch screen. You can access all the school drives, your resources etc.

Thanks to the sixth formers and Mrs Phelps for the discovery!

More on IDOCEO

As promised, here a few features of IDOCEO that you may/ may not be aware of:

  • Rather than typing in grades, if you press on the column header and select 'Edit', then 'Grade Type', you can select 'Text Grades A-F', you then need to do the same again but this time select 'Editor' and then 'Grade Selector.' This ensures that when you double-tap a cell, you can select a grade from a dropdown menu rather than typing it each time.

  • To create an attendance column, press the column header and select 'Edit', 'Editor' and then 'Extra Quick Attendance ' which brings up a tab for you to select present/ absent or late. You may wish to keep attendance on a separate tab for your own records.

  • When you are on a specific class, if you touch the pin symbol in the left hand corner, it brings up a cork-board screen. By holding down anywhere on the board, you can add a resource, a note or a URL which can act as little reminders for anything to do with that class, e.g. homework set, particular misconceptions etc.

Using Learning Mats Effectively

Learning Mats create the opportunity to provide an engaging, differentiated, student-led lesson that promote the three R's effectively. At times they are being used for the sake of a 'peaceful' lesson but are not particularly aiding student progression. To be used effectively, consider the following:

  • Activities should follow the Rossett Learning Model in some form in order to ensure structure and development.

  • Tasks need to be engaging. The end result should be in sight but by varying the tasks leading up to it, promotes positivity and learning within the classroom.

  • Outcomes should be differentiated. The idea of using the learning mat effectively is that students work at their own pace. For some, to tick off learning outcome 1 and 2 is a more natural reflection of their ability, others will be able to complete learning outcome 3 also.

  • Consider how the activities flow from one to another. If they build on each other effectively, it will naturally show progress in the lesson. If they are random activities, progress cannot truly be shown.

  • 3 R's- Due the nature of the independent learning style of the activity as a whole, students will naturally demonstrate responsibility. I usually state a no-hands up policy as all the instructions they need are on the learning mat, thus promoting resilience. Reflectiveness can be demonstrated either through a specific activity, such as a mark scheme/ peer assessment or the review. On the other hand, it could be as simple as checking over the work before moving on to the next task.

  • Literacy will naturally be included in a learning mat as they simply have to read all the instructions. In addition, tasks should promote this through an expectation of some form of written material. This can be balanced well between the use of e-learning.

Once you have made your first one, they are so simple to amend to suit a whole variety of topics or even subjects. Below are examples I have made for an AS Business Studies class and year 7 REP:

iCore @Rossett

Dan Grainger trialed the new iCore screen last week in J1, which runs touchscreen technology called “Tango Teach”. Lots of our students have enjoyed trying it out and discovered all the possibilities that result from this aspect of e-learning. Please see the videos to see the students trying out the iCore screen in action!

iCore Touchscreen Demo
The Schlieffen Plan and Battle of the Marne