Tasmanian tiger


The Tasmanian tiger status

The status for the Tasmanian tiger is that it is extinct. The last one died in 1936 in captivity


Before the Tasmanian tigers became extinct there natural habitat was Tasmania

Physical description

The Tasmanian tiger has a medium size body That is 3-4 feet long and 40-70 pounds.they have unique black stripes on their back they have a orange and black fur coat.


The Tasmanian tiger hunted singly or in pairs and mainly at night. Tasmanian tigers preferred kangaroos other marsupials, small rodents and birds. They were reported to have preyed on sheep and poultry after European colonisation, although the extent of this was almost certainly exaggerated.they are carnivals

Interesting fact about the Tasmanian tiger

  • They can have babies
  • There mouth can open up to 80 degrees
  • The last Tasmanian Tiger died in Hobart Zoo, on the 7th of September, 1936.