Articles of Confederation

Miriam Cruz

What were the Articles of Confederation About ?

The Articles were American's first government they were made to be weak because the America did not want another king. The states had all of the power.

Strengths of the Articles

One strength was governed the Nation during the Revolutionary war. Negotiated the Treaty of Pairs on the end of the war. Passed the Land Ordinance of 1785. Passed the Northwest ordinance.

Weaknesses of the Articles

One of the weaknesses is lacked power to enforce laws. Lacked power to levy taxes. Lacked power to regulate trade among the states. Required all 13 states to approve changes in the Articles.

North West Ordinance of 1787

North West Ordinance was important because provided a process for creating/admitting the A of C. The NW ordinance focused on an area called the Northwest Territory.

Shays' Rebellion

90% of Americans were farmers. Farmers were going into dept./losing farms. Daniel shays organizes the farmers/armed themselves. Would not allow courts to open. No courts= No land taken away. Farmers want help from the government $$$.