Computer Lab News


Merry Christmas!

Hello FCS ES parents,

So I have decided to try something new. Rather than start a computer lab blog (that may be something I do next year), each Friday I will send out a short blurb about what we are doing in the computer lab each week. This is an example of what the newsletter will look like. Sometimes I may give specifics if we're doing a particularly cool project (like the 4th graders using Ozobots to learn how to code or the 5th graders creating a Prezi presentation on the country that their ancestors are from), or I may just give basic updates. Either way, I love to communicate with you all, and I know you would love to be up-to-date on what your kiddos are working on in the computer lab, because we do some pretty cool activities! :)

I wanted to send you an example of the newsletter so that you are on the lookout for when I send the first one out after break. I hope you are able to get some much needed rest this Christmas! See you all next year. :)

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