Jackie Roberson

all about Jackie Roberson

How did Jackie change society ?

Jackie was the first black man to play base ball ever. he made people want to fallow their dreams. go past the line. go ageist unfair rules . Make goals for you to make limits.

How did he inspire other people?

He inspiered people to fallow their dreams and not care what other people think. What you want to do . It makes you ready to do for what you want . You can challenge your limits .

people that helped or needed help

What date should it be on ?

It should be on February 10 the same day as his wedding day it would be a honer to him and his wife. The day they became man and wife.

how would it be if he did not live ?

No one would stand up and break the color barrier or no one would fallow their dreams .They could not test their limits . They would just be the same as before mlk. it would so much different .

fun facts

He raised money for martin Luther king Jr

Mr Rickey was scared that the sport would be unpopular.

One day one a cat came on the court it was black a player Sade to him ''hey Jackie is that your bother '' Jackie was mad.