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Celebrating December


If you are receiving this email for the first time, WELCOME!

I'm so honoured to have you in our Stella & Dot team.

I hope you'll use this monthly resource as a way to plug into the training that is just right for you and your business! Please let me know how I can help you soar with success in your are in business for yourself BUT not by yourself!

If you have sponsored a NEW STYLIST...please forward to them to ensure they are receiving ALL communication. We will get your new stylist added to team communication within a week but if you find that we have accidentally missed someone, please email me and I'll get it corrected asap.

Welcome New Stylists!

Where to begin? Connect with your sponsor and set up a time to discuss your New Stylist Training. Check out Your Stylist Lounge Tour for an overview on the Lounge. Find more tips and tools for your business in the Toolbox section of Stella & Dot University. Compile a short list of questions for your sponsor to help keep you on track. Looking for Additional Support? Join the Stella & Dot Canada Regional Facebook Page and your Local Facebook Page.

BIG Glitteratti Welcome to:

Janine Bonnel, Andrea Garnett, Tania Campfield, Maggie Mu, Kelsey Ferguson, Dee Harrison, Dana Shalit, Gillian Montone-Lyon, and Sukh Kaeley!

December was a Fantastic Month!

Congrats to everyone who sold a little sparkle in December and contributed to our team success. It was an amazing 2012 and I know that 2013 will be that much brighter.

As a group, we sold over $1.7 million worth of accessories and paid out commisions well over $500, 000!!!! That's B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

New Line Launch

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Official Launch is January 11th

I'll keep the newsletter this month short and sweet because I know you are all so very distracted by the pretty new bling. Having ordered today I will tell you to have patience as there are thousands of other women doing the same as you and the site may be bogged down. :)

I believe that this is our most wearable, versatile, and affordable collection to date!

Please find your local Spring Event to see the line in person and connect with other stylists in the area. Click here to find your location.

To join us in South Surrey, please register here

I'm flying to San Francisco for the Directors Retreat (9-13th) and will do my best to return phone calls and emails. Can't wait to bring back all of the juicy details to you!!!!

Top 10 December Sales

Jamie Dunlop $6,175.70

Scarlett Ballantyne $5,942.00

Jodi Macandrew $5,489.43

Lauren Flook $4,576.40

Janet Rutledge $3,488.50

Patricia Mann $3,483.20

Dianne Kalita $3,371.00

Lydia O'neill $3,357.50

Rachela Brisindi $3,311.10

Meghan Mcrae $3,271.30