Targeting Social Media in Learning

By Isabel Lopez

5 Guidelines for Using Social Media in Instructional Learning

  1. Emerging Trends - Introduce pre-class activities such as assigning prereads, or intake questionnaires that way you know where you can set an expectation setting. Target technology, social interaction, construct theories, new learning skills, problem solving, and have them show your audience show their creativity

  2. Assign Social Media-based on Projects/Pedagogical Value – Provide tasks in where media will be shared and allowed to co-learning new content. Be sure it is effective in where it links between technology and the new content being learned.

  3. Preparation – Have evidence about trend learning, create discussion about social meida for work, how social media can be used as an extension of a personal network, how social media can be used for self-directed learning.

  4. Incorporate post-training exercise: Use an assessment as a post-training to see if the students or audience learned the outcome skills and can process it correctly using their creativity and abstract thinking.

  5. Know your technology –Embrace complexity, expect for the learning to take longer, make sure it is integrated right and well processed.

I constructed these five guidelines from the article "Improve Formal Learning with Social Media" by Dan Steer and the Video by Dr. Sarah Eato - 21st Century - "Making sense on How to use Social Media for Learning".

Social Media Tools/Landscape

Remember now and days we have so many social media tools to choose from be sure to check some of these tools or applications out.

Please read this article in where it describes Social Media Landscape

Be Familiar with some (check out the popular Social Media Tools below):



Linked in



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Video: How Jason Rhodes uses Twitter for Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development

In this video it will show you ways in where Twitter (the application) can help in teaching and learning when constructing a lesson plan in education. Twitter is now being used in some capacity and Jason Rhodes would like to show you guys some learning tips and tricks for better utilizing this application for educational context. He will introduced the basics of Twitter and explored best practices for using Twitter in teaching, learning and professional development.

Social Media Series: Using Twitter for Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development

Six Ways to Use Social Media in Education

By Lynne O'Brien, PH.D.