Doing What's Right Means Obeying...

...The Law. We disagree with this statement.


Doing What's Right Means Obeying The Law.

  • Abide by the law.
  • The law is never wrong.
  • The law is supreme.
  • The law governs us.
  • Law abiding citizens.


Les Miserables- The main character had to steal bread to save his family, but was still imprisoned. That's why what's doing right doesn't always mean abiding by the law.

Harry Potter- Harry had to save Dudley from the dementors but, he was underage and wasn't supposed to use magic under Wizard law. But, he did what was right and had to save his cousin, even though he got in trouble.

Misconceptions about this belief

Misconceptions towards our belief- doing the right thing doesn't always mean obeying the law. We don't believe that you should kill someone and get away with it saying that you did the right thing. We believe that if you act with collectivism, then your actions are justifiable. We do agree with the law and our governing system, we just believe that there are exceptions to the law, and, times when it can be broken.

Criminial Defenses

There are multiple defenses to breaking the law that would support our stance on this. One of them, is necessity, which is defined as "acting in attempt to save yourself, but from natural or physical causes." Like in our Les Miserables example, he stole the bread, because his family was starving due to the declining French Economy. He was arrested even though he was doing what was right. The next defense is self-defense, self defense is "acting violently when violently attacked." In our example Donna, was being robbed by Rob and she protected herself from him, but she still went to jail even though she did what was right, which is protecting herself." The final defense is duress, which is "committing a crime because the defendant felt that they had a reasonable fear of death." For example, Tommy T acted as a accessory to a crime, but only because he felt as though he and his family were going to die. Despite this reasoning he was still imprisoned. He did the right thing, which was to aid in the robbery, but he didn't obey the law. For those reasons we believe that doing the right thing doesn't mean obeying the law.

Top Five that Doing What's Right Doesn't Always Mean Obeying The Law

  1. Odell Walker killed his employer.
  2. Nancy and Bob Seaman
  3. Breaking up a fight at school
  4. Staying up late doing homework.
  5. Keeping of secrets