Science With Mr. Harvey

27th edition, 2014-2015

This Week in Science...

Monday - Ocean Currents Lab

Tuesday - Review Ecosystem Booklets/Terrestrial Biomes

Wednesday - Ecosystems Quiz/ Star Wars Biomes Activity

Thursday- Star Wars Biomes Activity

Friday- Nature Walk to identify relationships within ecosystem

***If a student was absent on Monday (Choir UIL), they will need to attend tutorials on Friday or Monday to make up the lab. We will start at 8:15!!!***


I am in need of the Star Wars DVD's. So far I have gotten one complete set, but still need 2 more. If you have all six of the Star Wars DVD's and wouldn't mind us borrowing them, then I would greatly appreciate it. I only have VHS copies of the 3 originals at home, but need the DVD's so we can flip to different scenes more quickly.

"A nation that destroys it's soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people." - Franklin D. Roosevelt


My personal tutorials have moved to Mondays and Fridays beginning at 8:15 until the STAAR tutorials end later this April.

Grades This Week

2 Daily grades:

Ocean Currents Lab (Monday)

Ecosystems Quiz (Wednesday)

0 Major grades:

Next Major Grade: April 2 - Ecosystems Test

My Apologies!

I am very sorry for not sending out these weekly emails at all this semester. I have recently began work on my Master's degree, and so I have been trying to find a balance between work, home, and now school. It has been a difficult transition, but I am going to do my best to get back in the habit of sending out these emails once again. Thank you for your understanding.