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#568, April 9, 2016

The Floating Library

Artist Sarah Peters solved the problem of finding a good read while you are out canoeing. She did the logical thing and built a floating library. This winter it made an appearance in California.

Look for item 9

A Dark Side of Dove Cottage

Dove Cottage is one of the iconic buildings in the world of literature. The book Guilty Thing: A Life of Thomas De Quincey by Frances Wilson, gives readers a look into aspects of literary life associated with the Lake District that aren't so quaint.

Library Websites: Northernmost Library

The University Centre in Svalbard is noted as the northernmost library in the world. The library is a member of Polar Libraries Colloquy.

It is interesting to note that even that far north the Internet has changed things. Most of the library's journals are now in off-site storage.

Video Isn't Dead

Usually I post about new trends in print, but this week I have a link to an article on the survival of a video store.

Looking back: Harvard’s Eugenics Era

So many institutions of higher education are being pushed to look at their founder's lives. Harvard is taking a hard look at other stories in their past as well.

Illustrations are the Gateway to Reading

Back in my bookstore days I was surprised how many upstanding and proper parents would buy Captain Underpants. As it happens, parents who were worried that their elementary age children were not reading were happy to find anything that would put children's noses in books. The Guardian recently published a list of other books that use clever illustrations to draw in reluctant readers.

Bad Economies Boost Library Use Again

During the great recession there were plenty of articles about the increaed use of libraries as people looked for work or retrained. With the drop in oil prices the town of Gillette, Wyoming is repeating the cycle again.

BBC and Books

The BBC posted a couple of book related links.

Reading to cure homesickness

10 Books To Read in April

Amazon & Park Avenue

After 80 years one of the specialty shops on Park Avenue is closing its doors and selling through Amazon. Yet another example of how customer expectations have changed. Will it work?


Football Through the Years, returned 72 years later.

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