Highlight Reel

WRE Faculty and Staff - Week of September 8, 2015

Happy Labor Day!

We hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and looks forward to the shorter week ahead. After these past three very busy weeks, including Meet the Teacher, you certainly deserved the extra day off! We loved meeting with each grade level on Thursday - you all shared fabulous ideas for engaging and assessing your students, and we loved the participation and support that you gave each other.

Just as a reminder, if you see something great going on in the building or would like to give someone a shout-out, please send those to Becky by Friday and I can include them in our weekly Highlight Reel.

Have a wonderful 4-day week!

Engaging Educators

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We loved seeing this quick and easy assessment used in Laura Kang's 5th grade ELAR class this week! It can be used as an exit ticket, mid-lesson comprehension check, or even as a pre-assessment. So many uses, and such little prep!

Some other great ideas shared in GLP this week...

- Sarah Renkes uses "mix/pair/share" to add movement and even music to the "think/pair/share" learning strategy. She has her students walk around the room to music "mixing up" and when the music stops, they pair up and share answers or thoughts. Great way to get students engaged and moving throughout a lesson.

- 3rd grade teachers use apps like Poplet, Chatterpix, Explain Everything, and Book Creator to engage students in learning and to check for understanding without using a paper/pencil method.

- Amy Fletcher in 4th grade "passes the power" when students come to the board to work a problem - she actually puts her badge on them to give them the power to teach the class - such a cute idea!

- Kristi Starr in Kinder uses "whip around" to engage students and allow for movement in her classroom - all students stand up and she poses a question. When a student answers, if anyone else had the same idea, they sit, and so on until all ideas have been shared.

SO many great ideas and strategies were shared in every planning meeting this week. Y'all are serious about keeping students interested and involved in their learning and it shows. It has been so fun to walk around classrooms and seeing students discussing their learning with each other, playing games with a purpose, and actively participating. This year is off to a GREAT start!!

Grade Level Planning - 9/10/15

Grade level planning this week will really continue our focus of engagement and assessment in our classrooms. This week, we will really concentrate on how these things are being used in your lesson planning for the following week. Please come with lesson plans finished and posted so we can talk about how to incorporate all of these great strategies into the week ahead. In other words, we will talk less about things you have done in previous weeks and more about what you are specifically doing the next week in these areas.

PS - Please don't hesitate to ask questions if this doesn't make sense to you. Also, this is a great time for you to collaborate as a grade level team, so if you are planning a lesson and are having trouble thinking of a way to assess or a hook, this is a great time for us to think of something together! Don't feel like your plans have to be perfect or final - we can use this time to work together!

Weekly Inspiration

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