September 19 - 24

Happy Monday!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend! It's another normal week cheer-wise. Make sure you make note of the meeting mid week to discuss Homecoming. That's only a few weeks away, so it will be all hands on deck for that. :)

Finally, the October calendar and key are up in Schoology. Make sure you look at it (you too Winter squad) and see when you cheer and what VB squad you're on.


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- MONDAY: Practice from 3-4:30 pm in wrestling room. Bring poms. Winter girls, if you can come to this, that would be great (if not, we'll see you Wednesday)!

- TUESDAY: Blue squad cheers VB at home, 6:30 pm arrival. Ashley is your coach.

- WEDNESDAY: All squad meeting (including winter) during Community in Hurley Hall. We will finalize Homecoming theme, and start to work on the dance.

- THURSDAY: Nothing

- FRIDAY: FB at home, 6:30 pm arrival. Ashley & Emily are your coaches.

- SATURDAY: KNIGHT FLIGHT!!! Have fun and be safe!


Continue to sell the sunglasses. Yes, I forgot to leave the sunglasses in the gym for the parochial school games yesterday, but we can do it this coming weekend too. I won't be at the football game this Friday, but we can always sell there, too.