Physical Abuse

What is physical abuse?

Physical abuse in marriages affects many families. Physical abuse is any intentional or unwanted contact. On average each year, women experienced 572,032 violent victimization at the hands of an intimate, compared to 48,983 incidents committed against men.The Justice Department estimates there are about 50,000 to 60,000 domestic violence annually in Nebraska. On average, three people are arrested in Lincoln each day for assaulting their partners.
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How do you tell if it is happening in your family?

It is never fun for a child to see their parents hurt one another. To identify that this is going on you should look for warning signs and if it is occurring talk to the parent being abused and try to convince them to go to the Safe Center or talk to someone about the issue. Some of the warning signs are jealousy, mood swings, possessiveness, physically hurting you, and many more. To find more signs go to

How does this affect your family?

Nearly 3 in every 10 women and 1 in every 10 men who experienced rape, physical violence or stalking reported at least one effect related to the violence. Increased anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and depression are all common effects of physical abuse.

To find more information...

Go to to learn about the warning signs of physical abuse. It these signs are present in your relationship/marriage you should go to the nearest Safe Center.