Gold in Indian Culture

By: Sarena Yang

-Importance of gold in Indian Culture-

Gold is a big status symbol in India. It has been passed from one generation to another which helps them save money on gold. Part of every Indian household there's gold, It's acknowledged a family herloom by most Indians. In fact, gifting gold is considered auspicious in India; It's mostly common for birthdays and wedding ceriomonies. Gold is one element which can help people stand out. Also known as the more gold you have, the more power he/she has. Gold was widely used by the people as the preferred jewelry was considered as the savings that they could bank on. They consider gold as a super metal that can provide a solution to multiple problems.
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Uses of gold For weddings

In the Indian culture for gold, the parents usually take their child to buy and pick their own gold for when they grow up and get married. Even if the child is not getting married yet, the parents make their child buy their gold for marriage for the future. They say if there is no gold for the wedding, then there will be no wedding. Having gold on a wedding day is really important. Once the woman gets married to the guy, she will have to give some gold to her husbands family; It's to show repect towards the family.

Once the bride becomes apart of the family, she must be mature and really respect the elders and her husband's parents. The groom and bride is fully dressed in gold jewelry. The bride has the most gold and she wears the gold she picked out when she was younger. Some weddings that the parents set up for their child are really expensive. It can be up to 20,000 dollars to set up a wedding.

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-Facts about gold in Indian Culture-

• wearing gold represents you are wealthy

• gold is used for jewelry, weddings and festivals

• no gold, no wedding

• gold needs to get passed on

• there are 22 ways to speak gold

• Indians love buying gold, but they hate selling gold

• gold started in the ancient times

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• 2,000 tons of unused gold in the country

• they consider gold auspicious, making it an integral part of their lives

• celebration without gold is dull and lackluster

• gold prices in India are determined largely through an informal process

• there are no " King maker " in the Indian gold industry


India's love affair with gold