Instructional Coaching @ GCDS

January 2016

Good Things Are Happening In Classrooms @ GCDS

A number of teachers have experienced instructional coaching this year and good things are happening! From planning and implementing a cumulative project, to designing lessons to enhance student engagement, instructional coaching can support your work with students. Coaching can help you achieve your personal best in the classroom and develop a clearer understanding of how and what your students are learning.

“...watching my first graders engage with questions and protocols in a way that I had never seen before was magical. I am most thankful for how the coaching experience has shifted my perspective around student engagement and realize that small changes in practice can impact students' learning in a big way. I am already looking forward to tackling another goal with Nina’s support!”


"Instructional coaching is so helpful! I had a loose idea for a project I wanted to create for my English class, and through the coaching model we ironed out the details. I received feedback every step of the way -- from refining my ideas, to creating my rubric, to debriefing after the project about what worked and what didn't. The website has so many resources with helpful tips and strategies for instruction, all curated by a very qualified coach!"

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Connecting with Nina

If you’d like to set up a time to meet, you can connect with me via the instructional coaching site (password: gcdscoach) or send me an email.