I Funny

By James Patterson "303 pages"

Read about a middle school story.

A boy who tries to see everything in a different view than anyone he knows at school and out of school. From zombies to monkeys you name it. He tries to be funny but everyone he knows is mean and tells him he isn't funny. Like he tries to imagine things to make life a little less boring. All people look like zombies to him. He also believes if he can make someone laugh he can stop bad things like bullying. He is very scared of the bullies but doesn't think they'll attack since he is in a wheelchair. Eventually he learns to be funny and he wins the comical contest.

Have no fear the comedian is here.

1st Person

Laughter is the best medicine and relating it to life

You can bring someone up who is feeling down and make them laugh and feel better. Also when you make some laugh they can spread it to others and that creates a chain. Everyone will be happy and full of laughter. And it can stop a bad bully. Just one joke could save his or her self of steam.

Laughter is the best medicine

The theme of the story is laughter is the best medicine because he always makes people laugh to help them stay safe or just helps them.