By: Rotem Beirav

The Koala...

Koalas live in Australia on the eucalyptus trees.

Koalas are gray, and their mouth and ears are white.

Koalas are small animals.

Koala can...

The koala can climb on the tree (eucalyptus).

The koala can feed its baby.

The koala can eat the eucalyptus leaves.

I think that the Koala is...

The koala is cute.

The koala is beautiful.

The koala is friendly.

התנדבות באוסטרליה


Many people think Koalas are like monkeys because they climb on trees, but Koalas are more like Kangaroos because they have pouches for thier babys.

The voices that the Koala makes...

The Koala voice sound like a snore and it is very strange voice.
Koala's voice

מילים חדשות שלמדתי

snore- לנחור

strange- מוזר

pouches- כיסים