Where I Stand

By: Anthony Duong

Municipal Government Problems?

Municipal Government

Hi. My name is Anthony and I couldn't thank you enough for reading my flyer. For being a citizen, our voices must be heard. If we live in the community, we have the rights to complain or give suggestions to the government. My Markham resident is quiet new. More buildings are being added and the resident is getting bigger .Some neighbors are having trouble with all the new buildings and want something else built in their area. So if you want to complain or just leave a simple suggestion, you can always email to the government.

Recreational Programs

More Recreational Programs?

Everyday i see the same people walk around the parks and do the same exact thing every day. I would guess that they're really bored! There's nothing to do in the Markham district. Not many fun and exciting things to do. I have a small community center in front of my neighborhood. It has a program of bike riding around the residence. Sadly, this program only allows adults to ride. None of the children are allowed because they cannot ride on the bike lanes. Also we have a park near by, and hundreds of kids play on it everyday. Sometimes there are TOO many people there, that people have to leave. The Government should make a few parks here and there for families to spend time together and have fun.

Snow Removal

Better Snow Removal!

Yes! It's the wonderful joy of Winter! The year that's filled with love and companionship. The day where the weather tells us that there will be a snow day! Kids are happy and excited while parents have to stay home and watch them. Personally, I love snow days but I hate the shoveling. Every time I shovel and finish the drive way, either a snow plow would shove all the snow on the roads into the edge of driveways. Sometimes snow plows wait after a day or two to shovel the snow!

Construction Permits

Building Permissions

If you go around the city, you'll see a bunch of construction sites. That means that the government wants to improve the society. But some worries are the outcome of the building. We have to worry about the pollution or how this building could damage the environment. If a company wants to build a plaza or building in a certain area, the government has to check for all the safety and the dangerous things that could happen when building. I'm concerned of if we're making too many of the same buildings. For example, some grocery stores are very close to each other that sell the same thing. That's bad because we're wasting land, and we won't have enough natural environmental land for us to save.

Short Summary


The government is trying to improve our society with new builds and better working companies. Even though they have given us so much, there are negative problems in everything. Every has a different say in everything. Better snow removal, more activity-like community centers, better choices of building constructions. If the community helps out the government, the government can help back to make a better city.