Sacred Movement

Heal and Re-Create Yourself

Move Your Body

The world over, people agree that health is a state of wellness that comes from energy moving freely in the body, while conversely, ill health and disease (dis-ease) are states of imbalance that result from stagnant energy. Moving in an intentional and joyful way can change your body and your life, improving and healing a vast spectrum of issues, from body pain and joint problems to fibroids and infertility. In addition to physical health, moving your body supports hormonal balance and healthy endorphin release, renewing our minds and helping us maintain a positive outlook on life, even when the going gets tough. It can connect you to your deeper intuition, and help you actively take steps to changing your life.

Women of all ages and stages can benefit from Sacred Movement. Particularly helpful for women who are experiencing deep transitions, like pregnancy or menopause, Sacred Movement can help bring your body into alignment to facilitate ease during these profound passages.

For the expectant mother, invoking your inner strength and developing your feminine wisdom can shift your whole journey. As you prepare to bring forth new life, you can set the tone for positive outcomes by turning inward. In addition, Sacred Movement can help your baby achieve optimal positioning for an easy birth, as well as open and stretch your pelvis and strengthen your body for the challenge of labor.

Menopausal women can take steps towards standing in their wisdom and honoring the new phase of their journey, using Sacred Movement to reawaken power that has lain dormant and getting the juices flowing again.

Sacred Movement can also be pivotal for young women who are blossoming into womanhood, strengthening their self-confidence, connecting them to their intuition and equipping them with emotional tools to cope with the challenges of a conflicted society.

Join us for this unique class where, using an innovative blend of Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Chant and Ritual, Olivia will guide you to your sensual center, teach you basic tools for self care, and strengthen you to bring forth your ideal self.

Tuesday, 5:30pm @ The Dance Spot

Classes will run for 12 Weeks, from February 11th, until April 29th, 2014.

Meet Olivia

Olivia Augusta has had an eclectic training throughout her last 16 years of world travel. An avid student of Yoga, language and the healing arts, she has been blessed with wonderful Teachers and Elders from many cultures, dancing all along the way. As a young woman, Olivia spent 5 ½ years in a traditional apprenticeship to a Native Elder, training in Ritual, Ceremony and Healing before going on to attend and graduate from the Maternidad La Luz school for Midwives. She has since helped thousands of women achieve healthy and safe pregnancies and births, and assists Traditional Midwives access the tools and education to uplift their own communities. Olivia has recently moved the the Charlottesville,VA area with her daughter to establish a long-term home base and headquarters for Mother Health International, a 501 c 3 Non-Profit, for whom she is the Director of Site Development. Currently working as a Doula, Lactation Consultant and Chief Artist for Mama Murals, Olivia is excited to meet new friends and build strong community connections.

Your Participation Supports Others

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the ongoing work of Mother Health International, supporting traditional midwives to bring comprehensive reproductive care to women in areas of extreme need.

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