IFS-Informed EMDR

and IFS (only) Consultation Groups

with Bruce Hersey, LCSW

"I have enjoyed leading IFS consultation groups for 12 years, and IFS-Informed EMDR consultation groups for the past 3. It is rewarding to open new therapeutic insights to advanced colleagues, and support their learning."

My background includes:

  • IFS Level 3 Training
  • serving as a Level One program assistant a few times
  • presenting at the IFS International Conference several times
  • teaching many introductory IFS workshops
  • years of individual and group IFS consultation
  • EMDR Approved Consultant
  • teaching numerous IFS-Informed EMDR workshops
  • years of individual and group IFS-Informed EMDR consultation

Expand Your Mastery...

of Internal Family Systems Therapy (only),

or IFS-Informed EMDR in a supportive online small group.

  • Groups are limited to four members to ensure ample time for participants to meet their individual needs and feel connection to other members.
  • Sessions are conducted via Zoom video and recorded for review by members for reinforced learning, or if a session is missed.

CHOOSE type of group that suits your needs:

What people say about Bruce's IFS. groups:

"I love the way Bruce listens, really hearing not ony what I say, but also what I don't say... which leads to lots of insights about my work with clients that helps move our work forward."

"IFS consultation with Bruce has been a blessing. If he were a chemistry experiment he would be equal parts passion, compassion, skill, integrity, and caring. This rare combination has made my experience so special and sets my experience of him apart from other professional consultation I have engaged in over the years."

What people say about Bruce's IFS-Informed EMDR. groups:

"Bruce is brilliant ! He has helped me transform my practice by teaching me the skills to utilize IFS interweave for EMDR. His trainings and supervision are superb."

"Bruce creates a warm and supportive learning environment where practitioners - whether new to the model or practicing for years - gain valuable feedback to expand their expertise and competence. His IFS informed EMDR Consultation Groups are a great way to be at the forefront of practice to learn not just from Bruce himself, but also the other group members, how to integrate the two complementary and effective models."

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