Number The Stars

Based on World War 2

Main Characters and their actions

Annemarie Is brave and put her life in danger to protect her friend Ellen.

Ellen is out going and not shy and also brave because agreed to

minor characters and setting

Kirstie/Mama/Papa/Uncle Henrik and Peter

This story takes place in Denmark and they are trying to get Ellen to Sweeden

Event 1/Chapter 1

In chapter 1 the Nazis took over the city of Copenhagen. Denmark could no fight the Nazis

because they barely had any army so they they had to blow up their own ships.

Event 2/Chapter6

In chapter 6 the Nazis came looking for Ellen in Annemerine's apartment, But papa being a fast thinker tears out the photos of Annemerine,Kirsti and Ellen pretendting to be lise.


In chapter ten peter's plan works and they get the Jews to the docks. Also mama takes the Rosens to the docks so they can get to Sweeden.


Annemarine delivers the hankercheif to henrik. She had to deliver this because if not the Nazis would find Ellen. This device had rabits blood so it attacted them and then got rid of their sence of smell to the cokane.