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MMS Media & Tech Team: Felicia Davis, Allison Long, Elizabeth Stapleton, and Michael Cline

Helpful Highlight: Amy McComas

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Mrs. McComas is always lending a helping hand at MMS wherever she can. In her classroom she works to create relevancy and practical engagement for her students. Just recently she spent time examining her MPA data and used the MMS Tier 1 Data questions to examine her own data and plan for what her students and classroom needs through reflection and analysis to make her chorus program stronger.

MMS Tech Tips

As the year draws to a close, you might find yourself with time to do something completely different with your classes. This document lists activities that may keep your students focused after EOGs and when laptops are collected.

Some ideas include:

  • Your Life in Six Words
  • Thumbprint Self Portrait
  • End of Year Reflection with Art Journaling
  • Soundtrack of my Life Activity using Blendspace
  • Discovery Ed Puzzle Maker Tool
  • Book Page Poetry
  • Reading 8-Course Meal

End of Year Activities

MMS Media Tips: MyON & Tenmarks Summer Programs

Please share with students and parents how to access this literacy program which is being made available to participating schools by the State of NC. Students will be able to access digital reading materials over the summer. Although all of our students may not have internet or device access over the summer this is a great tool for those that do the capabilities. Students should visit and Login with their student ID and all student passwords are: myon. Students begin by doing an an interest survey and then read several short passages to determine their lexile level. Then the student is given several recommendations in different categories so they can choose books on their level. There is a read aloud feature that they can turn off, any word can be defined by clicking on it, there is a journal for students to use to respond to text, tools for stickies, underlining, circling, highlighting, etc. This would be a great activity after EOG testing one day to help students get logged in and set up for the summer.

Teachers can also login using their 10 digit NCEES with the same password myon.

Getting Started with myON” - Webinar

Assigning Projects

Tenmarks Summer Program - If you need assistance with implementing this summer strategy please ask Mrs. Davis or Mrs. Long.

From Cuz's Desk

Last day for book checkout is Friday May 20th. Please encourage students to turn in all books as soon as they are finished. Reminding students weekly to check their email for overdue books.

From the Help Desk: Tips for Students before Laptop Collection - PLEASE READ

Pre-Collection Tips:

Summer is quickly approaching and with that comes laptop collection. Collection will be Monday, June 6th. Further instructions will be emailed later but mark your calendars. With that in mind here are some tips to help students prepare.

1) Back it Up

Students should back up their work to their STUDENT Google Drive. It is advisable to create a folder for this school year with subfolders for different courses. This keeps things organized! They will want to begin backing up other, non-school related items on a flash drive to assure they don’t lose it over the summer. NOTHING on the machine on June 6th will still be on the machine come August.

Convert Pages/Keynote to Google Drive:

I STRONGLY encourage all staff to use Google Drive for your word processing, spreadsheet and presentation needs in the future. We can save a lot of steps, a lot of headaches, and a lot of messed up assignments by all using Drive. If you need assistance Mrs. Davis and I are happy to assist!

2) Plug it In

Some students are arriving to school with dead computers. As we approach EOGs and collection they need to be reminded to charge their machines at night. There is no excuse for a student to show up at school with a computer that is not charged. Students need to have their machines charged for collection as they must be on when collected to check for screen damage. Reinforcing the habit now will make this easier.

3) Clean it Off

As many of you have probably noticed students have a tendency to doodle, write, etc on the machines. This is expressly forbidden in the RUP signed by everyone at the beginning of the school year. As we near collection many of these students will attempt to clean their machines to eliminate the possibility of fines. They should be advised to NEVER use a Clorox or similar wipe on the machine. This will cause damage to the keyboard resulting in fines. The best alternative is a Magic Eraser.

Machines MUST be cleaned before EOG testing. I have been in communication with Ms. Huffstickler and writing on a machine could lead to a mis-administration. Students may come to the help desk before 7:30am to clean their machine. Thank you all for your cooperation and assistance in this matter.