EE Oliver Elementary

November 2021 Newsletter

A letter from the Principal

The past month has been a very busy month at school! The great weather and first snow have brought great enjoyment to the students at recess time! I hope you were able to view our virtual Remembrance Day Celebration and Parents/Families Matter Video on Facebook, as well as enjoy the gifts that your children made to celebrate how important family is to them! It was wonderful to have some parents help classes enjoy the Halloween stations in the gym!

In the past month, both students and teachers worked hard to complete projects, assignments, and assessments that allowed students to share their Report Cards with family last week. Be proud of your child’s accomplishments! I encourage all parents/guardians to connect with teachers to discuss your child’s school experience. When parents and teachers work together, children benefit. You are your child’s first teacher.

Festival of Trees

Festival of Trees time is here!!

Our students all contributed to making some decorations for our tree this year. Please enjoy our Northern Christmas Sky!

Ellen Lupick kindly accepted our invitation to teach watercolour techniques to the grade 5 and 6 classes. These students decorated northern light ornaments to go along with the bead garland and beaded icicles that were created by the K-4s.

Please be sure to head to the Festival sometime this week and let's help raise much needed funds for Palliative Care in Fairview


It's that time of year where everything is all about Christmas!!

Our Christmas Concert this year will again be virtual. Students will get to watch when we do our dress rehearsal on Wednesday, December 15th. Filming of the items will be done on either Wednesday, December 15 or Thursday, December 16 - Notes will be going home to let you know when your class will need to be dressed nice!

The concert will be shared on Friday, December 17th

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All about EAGLES Awards

By: Kelly, Emma, Riley, Tate, and Tessa from 5N

When students do something extra good at school they might get an EAGLE award.

Students who clean up the yard, help a friend out, help out the teachers, clean up big messes even when they aren’t theirs, or are extra kind, and get along on the playground are nominated to get an award. When you do something good and people say thank you, it makes you happy in your heart. Once a week, a name is pulled out of the nomination box and that person wins the EAGLE award. This year the winners are given an EAGLE’S t-shirt. EAGLES stands for: Excellence, Achievement, Growth, Leadership, Empathy, and Safety. Go EAGLES!

5FV are getting number relationships!!

In Grade 5, we need to eventually be able to represent and describe whole numbers to 1 000 000!!!!

Today we built a linear model of 1000 and are starting to understand the magnitude of it! Students were shocked at the length. We must understand the relative size of one number (ex. 1000) so that we are able to compare it to another number (ex. 100000). This will then lead us into understanding the density, which is knowing relationships between numbers!

The wheels are really turning in Grade 5!
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November News from 5N

All about the playground.

On the playground we have lots of fun with friends.

We even have a basketball court! It's lots of fun. We play 4 square, basketball and even jackpot. We also have lots of fun in the field. We play kickball and lots of cool tag games. Our teacher, Mr. Ng comes out and supervises us while we play and hang out. There are also rules we have to follow to make it safe for everyone. Such as no fighting, no swearing, no being rude and just be kind. Treat people how you want to be treated.

Emma B

People at School

At school people can be kind, helpful and smart. Sometimes we goof around outside and have fun. The people at my school make me feel safe! That's why I like school!

Tate W

What Are the Things We’re Doing in Phys. Ed.?

In the gym we play lots of different games like: Octopus tag, Swamp Ball, Doctor Dodgeball. Pretty much everyone in my classroom thinks that gym is the best part of the day! The sports we play are: Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, and Kickball. In the gym grade five classes are together.

Tessa K

Why is recycling good? Well…..

1: It is good for the animals because if we don't clean up, animals can think it's food and eat it and hurt their insides.

2: It's not good for the environment.

3:If you clean up after yourself, people will appreciate and will learn from you.

4:It will make you feel good about yourself.

5:It's fun when you're recycling with a friend

6:You might win an Eagle award if you recycle at school. But still do it everywhere because it's good for the earth.

You don't always need to pick up random garbage but at least clean up after yourself. It is the least thing you can do. - Kelly H

Hot Lunch and Breakfast Program

At E.E. Oliver we have a lot of hot lunches most of them are free but some you can buy. We also have breakfast fridges. They have lots of food in case you forgot to eat breakfast. We enjoy our nutrition program.

Riley H

Finally our Book Fair is live!

Come explore our Virtual Book Fair, and choose from hundreds of titles to find your next favourite book! Adventure, intrigue, and inspiration are waiting for you!

  • REMEMBER! Every purchase earns valuable Book Fair Rewards that can be used to support our students.
  • Shop Any Time! Your fair is open 24 hours until our end date!
  • No Shipping Fees! Orders are sent directly to our school.
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Staff and students had a most excellent day of creeptacular activities for Halloween!

There were so many amazing costumes.

A mega thank you must go out to Mrs. Coghill and Mrs. Gordon for all their hard work in getting the gym set up for a day of fun!


My favourite thing about Christmas is…...COOKIES!!!!!! I like cookies because I love baking them. I just love the smell of the oven. It’s so good. I especially like making the shapes. I really love ginger cookies. I like decorating cookies too. I like to put icing and sprinkles on my cookies.

Decorating cookies are one of my favorite things to do. I like Santa Claus hat decorating.

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Covid-19 Vaccine available to children aged 5-11 years

As you are aware, Health Canada has approved Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5-11.

This is exciting news—as vaccines are highly effective and proven to protect Albertans and communities from COVID-19. The Canadian Pediatric Society is recommending that all eligible children get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Appointments for children aged 5 to 11 can be booked through the Alberta Vaccine Booking system, or by calling Health Link at 811. Appointments will be available primarily at Alberta Health Services clinics around the province as of November 26. Vaccines will not be available in schools at this time.

Parent or guardian consent is required for children to get their vaccine, and it can be provided either in-person at the vaccine appointment or by a signed consent form. Parents and guardians are encouraged to seek out reliable and factual information to inform their decisions on vaccines for their children. We appreciate your support in sharing accurate information with families in your school communities.

The following information may be helpful:

· Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health letter to parents (November 24, 2021)

· Government of Alberta – Vaccine myths and facts and information on vaccines for children

· AHS COVID-19 Immunization for Children Under 12

· Health Canada – COVID-19 vaccines for children: What you need to know (also in French)

All public health guidelines, including physical distancing, practicing good hand hygiene, masking when in public and staying home when sick remain in effect. It is important to continue to protect one another during this time.

From the Superintendent

Have you ever heard these terms from your child(ren)’s school - RCAT, WAT, MIPI NCAT, and F & P BAS? These are all acronyms for local assessments that are used in all of Peace River School Division’s (PRSD) schools to support students’ learning needs and achievement. Teachers use these powerful tools to determine how students learn and to develop personalized instructional activities. Strategic use of local assessments also helps to improve student performance on Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs) and Diploma Exams.

Assessment Legend:

RCAT = Reading Comprehension Assessment Tool

WAT = Writing Assessment Tool

MIPI = Math Intervention/Programming Instrument

NCAT = Numeracy Common Assessment Tool

F & P BAS = Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System 1 and 2

To help enhance your understanding about why local assessments are powerful tools in supporting your child(ren)’s learning, I would like to share some details about why we use them and what benefits our students receive from their use.

The local assessments listed above help teachers to determine their students’ level of knowledge and skills in the core areas of Literacy and Numeracy. These assessments will tell a teacher if there are any learning gaps with key concepts in Literacy and Numeracy. This information can be used to provide targeted lessons and useful accommodations to help the student learn important skills in Literacy and Numeracy. The assessments are done at the beginning of the year and then again later in the year to assess progress. The frequency that these assessments are administered allows Teachers and Educational Assistants to give targeted interventions and accommodations immediately after the assessment is completed.

All schools within PRSD have school teams made up of Teachers, Educational Assistants, I-Coaches, and Principals. These teams make up our School Division’s Collaborative Response to meeting your child(ren)’s needs. These school teams receive support from Divisional I-Coaches, Program Coordinators, Assistant Superintendents of Teaching and Learning and Learning Supports, and even me!

Local assessments are powerful tools in contributing to our mission to ensure every child is literate and numerate, not most students, but every student!

To further explore the power of local assessments, I encourage you to go to our website and read PRSD’s Three-Year Education Plan for 2021-2024. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with all parents in achieving our collective goal of success for all students.

Important Dates


2nd - Swimming Lessons Grade 3 & 4

9th - Swimming Lessons Grade 3 & 4

17th - Pajama Day

17th - Ham and Perogie lunch

18th - January 3rd - Christmas Break


4th - Back to Class

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