By: Trashton


The Bushmen have a very diverse culture. Their leaders were the oldest people in the village. They rarely farmed and mostly were hunter gatherers. Also men and women had very different roles in their society, the men hunted all day while the women gathered plants all day. The woman were arguably more important because the bushmen diet consisted of 80% plants and 20% meat.


The Bushmen live in hot, dry areas throughout Southern Africa. The Bushmen get their water by digging holes in moist sand and inserting a piece of hollow grass into the hole and storing the water in empty ostrich eggs. The Bushmen live on the Kalahari Game Preserve.


The Bushmen's economic system was similar to most other tribes, they traded valuables with nearby tribes. The Bushmen tended to move to where there was water so they never had the chance to farm crops or domesticate animals. They had no money system, they just bartered for what they thought was fair.


The Bushmen have been around for 20,000 years, but they haven't progressed much technologically or culturally. They still hunt and gather for their food.


The Bushmen did not have a very complicated government, the older you were the more say you had in the government. The elders made the important decisions that ranged from moving their village to conducting spiritual rituals.