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We know that every day you embrace challenges with determinism and optimism. You go beyond the means of your job description to ensure that all children have equal and adequate opportunities. You are committed, lifelong learners that inspire our youth to become products of their expectations. As a way to recognize your effort, we would like to feature you in our Mission Possible Newsletter and on our Mission Possible Facebook page. To participate, follow the simple instructions below.

Feature Teacher

1. Write a brief bio of yourself including

a. Your current role and name of school.

b. What made you want to become a teacher?

c. Share your most memorable success story.

2. Email your responses to Shelena Chavis, Mission Possible Recruiter,

at Be sure to include a headshot and t-shirt size.

3. Every week we will select a teacher to feature. When selected, you will receive

notification of being our feature teacher of the week by receiving a "goodie bag".

4. Be certain to like us on Facebook at Guilford County Schools Mission Possible!