ICT Bulletin #2

Monday 9th September 2013

The Week Ahead

ICT this week

So far I've managed to meet both Year 4 and 5 classes, D6NS, D1LW and D2VF. We will start the new Switched on ICT Units of work on Thursday and Friday. However, to start the week I will meet with the other classes and do the introductory lesson.

Wednesday 11th September

The LTMs planned to be on their own site this Wednesday but we will now be meeting Lisa Rabolini (Gateway Developer) to discuss the new Gateway pages. I'll be at JSV for most of the morning. Remember, our Wednesday plans are now on the school term overviews.

Logging Tasks

Thank you to those of you who are logging your technical issues via Gateway and email. Please continue to do so!

Have a great week!


ICT Planning

As I mentioned above the ICT curriculum lessons will start from Thursday. I have planned the half term overviews for Years 6, 4 and 1 with a view to have the rest done mid-week. I will issue each class, from Years 1-6, with a planning folder and assessment folder. Each one will have a guide as to what the planning and assessment process will look like this year. Please ensure that you read it. I will go over it in more detail at a later stage.

Smore Newsletters

A couple of Smore newsletters have gone out already and they look great! Please can you ensure, however, that you proof read everything before sending it for approval.

Just for fun...