Mrs. G's Classroom News

January 15, 2015

Classroom Management

The snow day surprised me. I was happy to have the day off to finally get my Christmas tree down. As soon as I get a call from the district notifying me of a snow day, I do immediately put it on twitter. If you want to find out early if we have a snow day just check your twitter app!

I did experience an embarrassing accident this week that I am sure your child told you about. I bonked my head pretty hard on my automatic trunk door and ended up going to the ER with a concussion on Thursday. Jeeze. The kids were so kind and helpful. I appreciated their concerns and their wonderful behavior for the sub that came in to help.

Our silent auction basket is coming together nicely. I talked to the media specialist and discovered that I can order a Chromebook with a nice discount through Brighton Area Schools. Our basket is going to be awesome! Thank you so much for those who have donated already. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Keep bringing those items in and if you haven't had a chance to see my sign up genius for this auction basket you can view it at:

Writing Workshop

We started our personal essay unit this week. Students received a new pre-writing pack to put in their writing workshop binders. They also read 6 different example personal essays and we analyzed the difference between a narrative and an essay. Students also learned what an essay's big idea is and how to support those big ideas with evidence stories from their own lives. We will continue exploring ideas to write about for this unit next week.

Reading Workshop

We read sections 2 & 3 in our mystery book club books. We also had two meetings. We have observed recordings of a peer's book club meeting experiences and have critiqued how the conversation went. Then we recorded our own book club meeting and found ways we could improve our conversations to better comprehend the text. We are almost finished with our mystery books and we can't wait to find out how they end!

Word Work

This week we worked on unit 13 and studied endings like -s, -es, and -ies for words. We also learned about capital letters in titles and commas in addresses. We took the snapshot on those common core skills and those of us who needed more work in this area watched some great video lessons on the topics. Those of us who mastered these common core skills were able to do a little research on Martin Luther King Jr. and make an animoto video showing what we learned.


Unit 5 is coming along nicely. This week we learned a lot about big numbers and putting them in order. We also mastered many skills and played multiplication arcade games against each other using Most students are doing a fantastic job getting their homework in. Some students need some reminders.


We have had a fun time with our Force & Motion unit so far. We have experienced great gravity stations where we read, watched videos, played games and performed experiments on the topic of gravity. We also learned about push & pull watching a short video on Brainpop Jr. and performed push and pull experiments outside on the playground.
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