Are You Prepared?

Parenting is a Rollercoaster

Parenting Style

According to Barbra Caroloso there are three different parenting styles. One would be the jellyfish which lets their child freely do whatever they desire, as well as lack of interest in their child. This is one of the worst parenting styles since your child can end up growing up with some self-esteem issues and never want to share their feelings with anyone since they will believe no one will care. The second type of parenting would be the brick-wall which is when the parents are too harsh with their children, this is when the parent takes control on every single thing the child does and never let them include their opinion. This is also one of the worst possible parenting since the parent focuses on only one detail and that is their aspect on any situation. This will cause the baby to grow up and become scared of expressing their thoughts since they will believe someone else will always either try to change it or have a better idea. The last parenting style would be Back-bone the best type of parenting style. Since back-bone balances out the strictess and the love it is much easier for the child to grow up in a black and white world of knowing their rights and wrongs. The child will grow up in a good condition and feel good about themselves.

The wrong reasons for having a child

In my opinion there are a few wrong reasons for having a child. The first reason would be when the grandparents are pressuring you to have a child because they believe it is the right time for you. Grandparents can easily influence you to have children when you are not ready for it yourself. The second would be another type of influence although its the influence from your partner. One would feel like it needs to have a child yet the other might feel like they are not ready to have children just yet. If your partner wants a child although you do not then do not have the child just yet. Some people want to have a child to avoid loneliness, if you are someone who feels like they want a child to have someone else in their life then do not get a child just yet since you are not prepared and may want to change your mind you do not get a baby just because you feel lonely. If you want a child because you believe it will save your marriage in the long run then do not have a child, children are not there to act as band-aids to save your relationships. A huge no no would be getting a child to have a man to commit. Getting pregnant on purpose to have your men commit to your relationship is one of the worst ideas, there could be many thing that will go wrong. Such as if the men still will not commit and you end up becoming a single mother. There are many wrong reasons to not have a child although these are the main ones.

Skills needed for parenting and how to develop them

Becoming a parent is not easy there are many things you should know before having a child. You need to have a major amount of skills to have children such as communication skills you should especially know how to speak to your children during any type of situation. Communication is key when it comes to children expressing your feelings to your child is very important as well as getting them confident enough to speak their mind. Patience is another type of skill you must have, if you are impatient you will easily get angry with your child. Children need time for everything, from their first steps to making their decisions you need to patient with the child and not rush them into anything. Discipline is another strong skill you must have to punish your child at appropriate times, you cannot let the child go with making a huge mistake they will never have enough experience to know what is bad from good. The most important one would be the skill of multitasking this way you can do everything with your child their such as cook, take a phone call, clean, work and at the same time keeping your eye on your child.

Sign of readiness for becoming a parent

To become a parent you need to know that you want your child for the right reasons. You will experience the need of having a child yet being completely patient towards that. When you feel like you are ready you should see signs such as wanting to be around children more, talking to your partner abou having a baby. That is an important part of becoming a parent making sure both of the partners in the family want to have a baby. This way you are both ready for a child and no one feels as if they were pressured into it instead. As well as being in a strong long term committed marriage with that person having a rough marriage will not help when you have a baby make sure you and your partner are both happy together. You have to emotionally be ready to have a child you cannot just get a baby because of pressure by your family members or friends. It is important that you yourself feel confident enough to have a child. You need to know that you are in a good career path if you have a child, that it is a very good environment in your work area for you to work while you are pregnant. Being financlly ready is extremely important having a baby will come with a big price you cannot have a child if you do not have enough money to support him/her.

Factors that influence parenting

There are many different factors that influence you parenting and in this paragraph you will learn everything about it. The first part is age, age can influence the different way you raise your child as well as the parenting style you show. If you are older chances are you are more financially stable than a young one. For example, a teenager who is becoming a parent will have less knowledge about how to raise a child and how to support them aswell. The gender actually influences a big part of being a parent, it is true that girls and boys get treated differently by their parent. A mother could relate a little less to her son verses the father and the same thing applies for the father and daughter, the gender sometimes does influence the way the child will grow up and act in the future. Previous experiences is a huge factor that influences you parenting style, such as when you see how your parents have raised you and you use their parenting styles, or when you having to protect your child and make sure they do not follow your bad behaviour when you were the child. Culture and Religion is a huge part of parenting influence, when  you are extremely religious you have your own way of caring for you child. Although when parents try to hold the strict belief and values towards their child it can create conflict. Religion has a huge part of parenting styles and views. There are many different type of influences that can make your parenting either easier or much more difficult.