Micaela Serrano

Ceramics I

Ceramics Piece I -"Untitled I"

I made this artwork because I wanted a mug showing a side of my personality. The artwork is showing that goofy,funny side that we all want everyone to see. The main problem when creating this ceramic peice was adding texture to it. The textures I added were the three dimensial eyes, and the teeth being crooked and three dimensional as well. Other problems I had in this project was the glaze color, and the thickness of the handle. The glaze was ment to turn out a dark brown, but when it was fired it turned out a green color.The handle fell off because the mug was too heavy for such a thin handle. I would change the handle, if given the chance to. I would have made it thicker.

The Green Pot

I created this project because our class was doing pots using the coil method. I wanted to do a pot that had a diffrent design, then any other pot. When creating this pot, making the pot symetrical was a problem. The coils were not the same size, and made this probelm even more difficult, to where I couldn't fix it. Also, carving the design was a difficult task because the pot was asymetrical. If I could change something about the project it would be to make the coils one size. This would have made the pot more symetrical , and not given me as much trouble carving the design on it.

John Deweese Pottery

Art Critique of "John Deweese Pottery"

In the artwork, I see that the color is black, and that there are object that are curved, and pointed toward the top of the artwork. The artwork looks black, with a metal look to it as well. The artwork has a lot ot things being curved toward the top, and there is only the curve of the pot towards the bottom. The elements and principles that dominate the artwork are space, contrast, texture, and form. The artowrk has space with all of the holes cut into the turns and objects toward the top. It has contrast in the way that the artwork looks smooth at the top, and rough toward the bottom. It has texture because it look to be smooth at the top, and rough at the bottom. Finally, it has form because it is 3D, and encloses space. I think that the artwork is creating a dark, sad, and depressing mood, as if it were from a story. I think this artwark was succesful because it is painted black, to show darkness, and that was the first thing or idea I thought of. Again, the fact that the artist chose black is a clue to why it might be gibing me that certain idea/image.


Art Critique of Emma Mare Caldwalader-Guild Scultpure "Free"

In this artwork I see a man, he is brown, has a six pack, has hair, has his hands behind his back, is looking down, and has no clothes on except for the object that is covering his lower mid section. Line, form, color, value,texture, space, contrast, balance, unity, and movement; the elements and principles that dominate the work. The work is arranged by combining all of these elements and principles together. Line is used to add details, which help the artist show that it is a man. Form is used because this figure is three dimensional, and takes up space. Color, value, and contrast are all three used together because the color of the man is a brown, and the brown appears to be dark brown (that of the skin color of an African American), and the contrast is in the area below the man's face when he is looking down. You can see texture in the hair, the mid section, the lower mid section, his knees, and his feet. Balance is used because the man appearce to be symmetrical. The artwork has unity because it looks to be complete. Finally, the artwork has movement because it actually moves your eyes through the entire peice. You can tell that this artwork is in the slave time period, and I also think that the artwork is about an African American man who wants to be free, but is a slave. I think the artwork is trying to say that even if his head is down, all he wants to do is be free, and back in his country. This artwork is successful because it actually shows us the story of a man who is a slave, and just wants to be free. The fact that his head is down, he is brown, he has his hands behind his back, and is looking down shows that this was a time when an African American man was less than a white man, and had no other way to defend himself, then to look down.